Game seven is tonight! The moment of truth. My team The Cardinals are at home going for the championship against The Texas Rangers. After we Iost game five and were staring at elimination, I  still had confidence that we could pull it off.  We have had an amazing run and like I said, I believe this group could pull it off.  I fully expected to get to game seven.  I knew we would have to score some runs to beat the Rangers in game six.  I was glad they pushed the game back a day, so that the Cards could reload and be fresh at home.

Last night's game was a roller coaster ride.  Coming down to the last strike twice, was crazy! I was on edge in the ninth inning. When Pujols got the hit I could feel we were going to come back.  It was just fitting that the home town kid Freese got two big hits to tie and eventually win the game. There were some errors on both teams early on.  But I think the Rangers played well late. Napoli and Beltre made a great defensive play on Holliday at third and along with Cruz they all got big hits late in the game.  The way Texas hit homers late almost killed me.  They did enough to win, The Cardinals finally got the key hits with runners on base.  The Rangers didn't blow it, the Cards just came and snatched it away.

Lance Berkman has carried the Cardinals all year when other players were hurt or not doing well.  It was no surprise that he came up big for us with the early homers and the late game hit.  And David Freese is tha F'n stud.  He has been improving since he got to the team and has had a hell of a playoff run. You couldn't have written a better script for a game and a guy to win it!

I think the Cardinals are so resilient because of the personality of the Coach and team leaders.  Tony's all about winning and strategy and our big guns are hard nose ball players.  We had nothing to lose after the late season run and they leave it all out there.  Even though it looked like we were going to lose, I still had hope and really believed in the guy at the plate at the time.  I think the entire city watched the whole game.—Nelly

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