What's up everybody? The World Series remains exciting and close. Game 3 is tonight as the series leaves my hometown of St. Louis and goes to Texas. As far Game 2, what a heartbreaker! But what a great starting job by Jaime Garcia. Once again our pitching staff showed guts and rose to the occasion. I can't believe we gave it up in the 9th! Our relief pitcher Jason Motte has been so good as of late.

Both teams, the Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals played well and Texas especially, made some great defensive plays. I was hoping we could build a bigger lead early on, but their defense stopped some rallies and we left too many runners on base again. I would expect to have to score some runs to beat the Rangers. Their staff also pitched well. I know we are going to pick up one, maybe two games in Texas. I'm looking forward to see how our guys respond. Can't wait until the game tonight. Go Cards!!!—Nelly