A Week in the Life of Dj Drama


A few weeks before the Sept. 27 release of his third album, Third Power (eOne), DJ Drama checked in with the XXL staff for a week and reported back on the happenings in the life of one of hip-hop's most powerful DJs. One of the busiest day's schedule appeared in the October issue. Now, XXL presents the rest of Drama's busy week.—XXL Staff



8:00 A.M.: Landed back in ATL!

10:00 A.M.: Taking my daughters and the wife out to eat for breakfast. Park's Edge! Lowkey spot in the cut but delicious.

12:00 P.M.: Completing my MTV VMA voter ballot. I was chosen for the committee this year. Always good to be able to vote for my peers and friends.

1:00 P.M.: Looking over my calendar for [the] next two weeks. Philly, Montreal, Tennessee, Detroit, LA, NY, Miami, South Carolina & Hawaii. Busy!

2:00 P.M.: Takin' the kids to the pool!

3:30 P.M.: Goin' over school work with Zari. She's great in Math & Art. Those are her favorites.

5:00 P.M.: Gym time. Just Cardio today. I'm the type of guy that needs a trainer to get a good work out or I won't go! Just bein' honest.

6:00 P.M.: Gettin' my playlist together for Power99fm tomorrow. I gotta showout!

7:30 P.M.: Brainstorming and writing some ideas down. Also got a chance to look at my BDS spins from last week on "Oh My." Hopefully we'll still be in the positive when the new chart comes out tomorrow.

8:00 P.M.: Watchin' Disney wit' the girls. Wizards Of Waverly Place is a favorite in my household.

9:00 P.M.: Just put my babies to bed. School tomorrow!

9:30 P.M.: Checkin' Twitter & watchin' my Sunday nite [sic] shows! True Blood/Entourage/Curb Your Enthusiam. I'm an HBO head on Sunday nites [sic].

10:30 P.M.: Packing for Philly tomorrow. Glad I'll get to see my mom, dad & my sister. My mom just started her new job so I ordered her flowers to be delivered.

12:00 P.M.: Been a long week. 'Bout to turn my phones off and call it & early nite [sic]. Summer says she has a suprise for me.... And like that....... We gone!!!!



9:10 A.M.: Thanking God for another day. Just landed in Atlanta from Providence, Rhode Island.

12:15 P.M.: Talking to Green Lantern about Powerhouse Studios, our project in Atlanta coming soon.

1:25 P.M.: Finalizing the details with JoJo (Trey Songz and Big Sean co-manager) for the video shoot on Thursday for "Oh My (Remix)".

2:00 P.M.: Pulled up to the new crib to meet the wifey [Summer Walker], painter and designer. She knows this isn't my thing. Just let me know how much it is when it's over.

3:07 P.M.: Just got the rough draft for the album layout with eOne. Shit’s crazy.

3:45 P.M.: Stopped by Powerhouse Studios to touch up my vocals for Meek Mill's mixtape Dreamchasers.

3:57 P.M.: Just talked to my daughters, asking them how their first day of school was. I got those "good" and "okay" answers. LOL. I remember giving those when I was a kid.

4:45 P.M.: Riding in these ATL streets, rockin' to this Jay-Z & Kanye West Watch the Throne. "Murder to Excellence." 5:11 P.M.: Vibing with Kendrick Lamar on a song for the album.

7:39 P.M.: Ate at Chops and ran into Scooter Braun. Small world.

9:15 P.M.: In the theater watching Rise of the Apes. When the Ape said, "NO," everyone in the theater said, "Ooh Shit!" LOL. Gotta still take time out to enjoy the little things.

11:00 P.M.: Tying in some last ideas for the video. Decatur Dan's about to go in.

11:15 P.M.: Headed to Hot Beats [recording studio]. Sleep is foreign to me.

11:25 P.M.: Hollered at Drake about a collaboration with Jeezy.

11:37 P.M.: Cam'ron and I just chopped it up about Boss of all Bosses 3 and if the fans would be able to wait that long or do we need to setup another project.

11:45 P.M.: Listening to some beats I just received from T-Minus, Chase N. Cashe and Don Cannon.

12:01 A.M.: Got a call that Opera will be carrying my choice of liquor, Candy Corona, Thursday night for our event. Oh my! 12:10AM Conference call to discuss video budgeting, considering the need for trailers on set for Thursday. So we gotta go down to the location and assess the situation.



9:00 A.M.: Up early to see the video shoot location and determine what's needed to accommodate everyone.

9:15 A.M.: Just got a call from Tonya at Hot107.9 reminding me about will.i.am coming to the station on Thursday morning. It's gonna be a madhouse on Thursday.

9:45 A.M.: Responding to my fans on Twitter.

11:00 A.M.: Just saw the location for the “Oh My (Remix)” video. Perfect. We're gonna kill it.

12:30 P.M.: Riding through Section 80, headed to Hot 107.9 to pre-record my weekend shows.

1:05 P.M.: Can't forget I move in tomorrow to my new penthouse. Painters are doing an excellent job.

2:00 P.M.: Back at the radio station. Voicing a commercial for a Chicago event.

2:15 P.M.: Phone interview with TT Torres at Power92 in Richmond, Virginia, for my back to school event with Yo Gotti on Friday.

4:30 P.M.: Emailed Alice (my assistant) to make sure Trey Songz and Big Sean have the two biggest suites. I gotta show my fellow artists the respect and appreciation they deserve.

4:45 P.M.: Sent my wife this text message: "Pop It For Pimp." Had to let her know I was thinking of her. R.I.P. Pimp C.

5:00 P.M.: Iraney (housekeeper) just hit me asking if I'm taking my entire fitted cap collection. You know I am.

9:00 P.M.: Curren$y played me his new album. It sounds crazy. Ran into Wale & DJ Toomp in here. I've been on Wale heavy about finishing his verse for my album.

12:00 A.M.: Headed to the house. Long few days ahead. Gonna try and get a few extra hours of rest.



10:00 A.M.: Discussing some more details of my upcoming album with eOne . It's coming together nicely! I like my last album, but I coulda made it way better! I'm back in my zone.

Later that day… Kendrick Lamar hit me back soon as I landed. Needs me to resend the track to him. His phone been buggin' out.

And that night… 3:00 A.M.: Just got an email: Big Sean missed his flight and won't get in until the afternoon. Gonna be a long day.



12:00 P.M.: Two hours behind on the video shoot. Approving my wardrobe with stylist. 2 Chainz is shooting first.

3:00 P.M.: Big Sean and Trey Songz have arrived. Chaka Zulu and Jason Geter have both stopped by the set to show love.

4:00 P.M.: Quick call with Meek about Dreamchasers. Early votes callin’ it a classic.

5:15 P.M.: Making sure to get interviews with Trey and Big Sean for my radio show.

5:40 P.M.: Getting jewels from Kevin Liles on set! He's the OG and one of my former bosses over at Atlantic. He's seen me come along way.

7:05 P.M.: Got a break on set. Conducted interviews with Trey and Big Sean separately for all of my radio shows.

8:35 P.M.: Final shot. Trey, 2 Chainz, Big Sean and Drumma Boy. We're an hour behind [with the video] and a few hours from the party, but it’s about to be a wrap! 11:00 p.m. Headed to club! 12:00 a.m. Club is packed. The crowd is lovin it. Trey, Big Sean, 2chainz, Cy-hi, Drumma Boy, Kevin Liles, Chaka Zulu, Curren$y and all the Candy coronas girls that we dressed in bright red sexy body suits. Oh My!



10:03 A.M.: The morning after... gotdamn it was CRAZY! Thanks to my homies Trey Songz, Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Kevin Liles, Clay and Corey at Opera Club, just to name a few.

11:30 A.M.: Just got a call from Desean Jackson from the Phildalephia Eagles. He heard I was comin’ to Philly next week. Checking on my schedule. That's my guy!

12:00 P.M.: Conference Call with the Ciroc Boyz. New term is just starting again.

2:00 P.M.: Wale just sent me his verse for the album. Perfect timing!

5:30 P.M.: Just spoke with Corey Smith, Talib Kweli's manager. They want me to host a Best of Black Star mixtape. I'm definitely with it.

7:00 P.M.: Discussing details of my nonprofit-in-the-making, Feed The Streets. We got some dope events in the making for our younger generation in ATL. Gotta give back at all times.

12:07 P.M.: Getting a lot of love on Yo Gotti, Jeezy and Meek Mill mixtapes. I had the summer on smash!



6:00 A.M.: Flight back to Atlanta. Gotta go home before [I go to] Boston and handle a few odds and ends.

8:00 A.M.: Landed in Atlanta. 'Bout to head straight to Hot1079 and prerecord my Gangsta Grillz Radio show tonight. Gotta keep it fresh and up to date! Trey Songz and Big Sean on the show tonight! Multitasking.

Surfin and downloading new music for tonite’s show. Checkin up on dramalikethedj.com. Launch is in a few weeks, gotta make sure we competin. 9:30 A.M.: Flight to Boston. Rockin a boat ride party tonight. I'm always 'bout an hour out for my flights. I cut it close all the time!

11:00 A.M.: Tip has a short list of people on his email list. Hannah is one of 'em. Sendin' her a message to relay to him. He's comin' home in less than a month so it's time to get to work. I got a song I'm preparing for him. It’s a banger so I can't wait for him to hear it! I can definitely feel the hunger in his words in his response.

2:00 P.M.: Before we go to the hotel, I need some food. Bring in some New England seafood! My favorite. Lobster, scallops and shrimp! Oh my!

3:30 P.M: Just arrived at the Intercontinental [hotel]. Always a good choice. Gotta have the suite, though. I stay on the road so much and it’s just something about making sure we're as comfortable as possible.

5:00 P.M.: Just set up [a meeting] with eOne for my Philly radio run for Monday. 100.3 The Beat in the day, and I'll be takin over Cosmic Kev's 9:00 mixtape on Power99fm. That's the situation I grew up listenin to and Kev was a super influence on me so it's always exciting to rock there. Ima show off this time!

6:30 P.M. Behind the scenes of the video shoot is done. Doing a final review now. Monday, I'll send it out to all the websites and blogs and post on my twitter. It'll create a nice organic buzz 'bout the video.

7:00 P.M.: Discussing with Emmanuelle, my video commissioner, and Marleny from eOne the game plan on video execution. MTV Jams, 106th & Park and the web. All part of the proper marketing strategy.

8:00 P.M.: Gangsta Grillz Radio is on Hot107.9! I'm logged in on my iPhone makin' sure we rockin! Shit sounds crisp!

9:00 P.M.: Apple just called. Hackers were lurkin' around my account. They notified me and walked me through changing the settings so it'll keep 'em out. Good to have the inside connect wit' the Mac team.

11:00 P.M.: Headed to rock the boat ride. Tommorow? Another day at the office! 2:00 amkillt it. Nice crowd. Good vibe. Successful event... early mornin flight... On to the next!