10 Things XXL Learned Listening to Rick Ross’ “I Love My B*tches”

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    9 Things <em>XXL</em> Learned Listening to Rick Ross' "I Love My B*tches"
    This week hip-hop heavyweight, Rick Ross finally released, not one but, two tracks off his highly anticipated, <em>God Forgives, I Don't</em> LP. The smoothed-out Nicki Minaj-assisted "You the Boss" will surely impact radios, while the Just Blaze-produced "I Love My Bitches" is an edgier record reminiscent of the sped up soul sample tracks that dominated hip-hop in the early 2000s. The latter features Rozay showing love to his well… bitches, while also spewing braggadocios bars galore. “50, 60 racks, I might go blow 100, though/Jet owner, G5, where you wanna go?” he rhymes on the track.Here are 9 things <em>XXL</em> learned about the Bawse after listening to "I Love My Bitches." Hunngh!—<em>XXL Staff</em>
  • He's Really Generous
    He's Really Generous
    "<em>A month ago, I gave a chick a hundred stacks/Straight to Neiman Marcus, young bitch had a heart attack/Aww man, I love my bitches</em>"<br /><br />Ross gave a one of his chicks an open-handed contribution just for the sake of it. Aww man, he really loves his b*tches.
  • Drives "Barbra Streisand Edition" Bentleys
    Drives "Barbra Streisand Edition" Bentleys
    "<em>Bottles, Beamers, Brand New Benz's/Barbies, ballerinas, and Britneys/Barbra Streisand edition Bentleys</em>"<br /><br />Rozay keeps it clean driving all-white Bentleys.
  • Coke Inspired Visions
    Coke Inspired Visions
    "<em>The hood wanna see you die and they taking votes/My vision always mentioned coke</em>"<br /><br />That <em>white girl</em> seems to be one of the only things in the Bawse's vision.
  • His Women Don't Do Coach
    His Women Don't Do Coach
    "<em>My women never sit in coach/Aww man, I love my bitches</em>"<br /><br />When you're the Boss, there's no such thing as coach for your women.
  • Careless About His Bitches' Ex's
    Careless About His Bitches' Ex's
    "<em>Fuck your ex's baby, really that's your past/Load up your carry-on's and all it is is cash</em>"<br /><br />Ross doesn't give a care about his women's past. "<em>She [was] fu*king ordinary n*ggas...</em>"
  • Doesn't Believe He's Narcissistic
    Doesn't Believe He's Narcissistic
    "<em>Am I really just a narcissist/Cause I wake up to a bowl of Lobster bisque</em>"<br /><br />Sure waking up to a bowl of cereal is expected first thing in the morning, but Ross is living the life. Why not reward your hard work with some good ole Lobster bisque?
  • Carries 50 Cash For the Chicken Wings
    Carries 50 Cash For the Chicken Wings
    "<em>50 cash in the Louis for the chicken wings/Started in a neighborhood and now we on the bigger things</em>"<br /><br />Ricky's love of chicken wings is no breaking news, but the rotund rapper apparently keeps a little cash around specifically for his Wing Stop cravings.
  • Makes Love To Mary J Blige's "Reminisce"
    Makes Love to Mary J Blige's "Reminisce"
    "<em>Living life to the fullest was the emphasis/Making love to Mary J's 'Reminisce'</em>"<br /><br />The smooth slow jam off of Mary's debut is the song of choice for Rozay in the bedroom. T.M.I.
  • Money Longer Than Olajuwan [Pause]
    Money Longer Than Olajuwan [Pause]
    "<em>Soon as nigga's start hatin', start shootin'/Come along, money longer than Olajuwan's</em>"<br /><br />Ross' money is simply taller than NBA legend, Hakeem Olajuwon who stood 7 feet tall. He put it best on his track "Finals," "<em>My money on another level...</em>"

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  • Brendan McPartland

    The worst rapper of the last decade and eventhough theres been terrible artists crawlin out of every crack in the walls it still aint a tough decision thats wack he is how did this fat fake piece of shit ever get a deal 50 should stay on this prick til he dont have a career left NO SKILLS WHATSOEVER

    • Rafael

      The music industry is fucked up, real artists get shelved, and whack ones get famous.