Rick Ross loves to mention all the foods and drinks he enjoys devouring in his music. Who could ever forget the epic line, "She thinking Phillipe's, I'm thinking Wingstop," the Bawse spit on "MC Hammer"? Or when Rozay said, "Used to run the street–young nigga, bare feet/Now I'm in the suites and I'm eatin' crab meats," on "Mafia Music." Being that the Maybach Music Group leader has a penchant for food, XXL decided to help him go into the business with his own restaurant. Welcome to Chez Rozay. Come in, have a seat and keep the chopper in the car. These delicious items are sure to make patrons say, "hunngh!" after the meal.—XXL Staff

Editor's Note: All food and drink items were name-dropped by Rick Ross in his own songs or tracks he was featured on.