Rappers Not Named Mos Def That Should Most Definitely Consider Changing Their Names


Rappers changing their names is by no means a new phenomenon.

Just months after being cleared of gun possession and bribery charges following a 2000 shoot out at Club New York, Puff Daddy changed his name to P. Diddy. Last year, after being sued by drug trafficker Freeway Ricky Ross for the use of his name, there were rumors that Rick Ross would convert to Ricky Rozay. Fast forward, and Mos Def is the latest rap star to announce getting rid of his old, yet uber-dope name for something new (but not as cool).

"Yasiin. Y-A-S-I-I-N," Mos recently told MTV's Sucker Free host Peter Rosenberg about what he plans to change his moniker to at the end of 2011.

Inspired by Mos Def's upcoming name-change, XXL picked 10 other rappers that should most definitely — pun intended — consider changing their stage names as well. — Gina Montana


Playaz Circle

2Chainz isn't the worst name out there, but Titty Boy, 2Chainz' previous rap moniker, is just plain and simple way cooler. Plus, how many grown-ass men can call themselves Titty Boy and still be respected? Titty is a favorite of Lil Wayne, among others, after all. Run with Titty, Titty!

Big Pooh


Half of his name is very appropriate, and (hopefully) it isn't the second part. Although rapper Big Pooh is indeed heavy-set, "Pooh" just reminds of, well, pooh. And together, Big Pooh brings a very nasty visual of a mountain of shit.

Lil Nut


This name is alllll kinds of wrong. Although Lil Nut is a relatively attractive man, his female fanbase is little. Lil Nut? Too similar to busting a quick nut, is what that is.

Mr. Cheeks


For the PG mind, Mr. Cheeks is just a playful, pinch-those-cute-baby-cheeks type of name. But, for the gutter-minded, "cheeks" are synonymous with ass, derriere, bottom, etc, etc.

Shorty Shitstain


Shorty ShitStain — nuff said. There is no good reason for anyone to call themselves by this name... even if they actually shit their pants.

Slick Pulla


This name exudes sexuality. The problem is, at first glance, there's hardly anything sexual about this fella. And, the thought of a slimy penis just doesn't sound appetizing even to the freakiest of females.

Snow White the Product


Such a cute girl, such a wack name. Snow White the Product? It's almost as if she couldn't make up her mind as to what drug-trafficking reference she wanted to be called, so, she decided to just combine it into one, even if it's a fail.



The first thought that comes to mind when one hears the name "stic.man" is, well, a skinny penis. Not sexy, boo. Not sexy.

Yak Ballz


First off, truth be told, balls are just not cute by themselves. When you add "yak," they become that much more unappetizing. Gross.



And what's worse than Yak Ballz? A Yukmouth. Halitosis is never a good look, not even if someone can spit.