Meet Lil Wayne’s New Producers

Carter IV Production Credit: “MegaMan”
Lil Wayne “MegaMan How did you land on C4?

Well, I have a very close relationship with DJ Folk, Young Jeezy’s DJ, and he has a close relationship with Josh and a couple of guys from Cash Money. I was hearing the Wayne album was finished, closed, so I gave up on that. He actually had a record from me already that was supposed to be on the album that was suppose to feature Amy Winehouse, but it didn’t go through. I don’t know details. But then I heard the credits reopened. Someone told me he was looking for a hard track. I created something new, off the top. I just thought of Wayne and went from there. The beat came out the way it came out. I made sure it had that Wayne feeling, that Wayne vibe. I sent it to Folk, and he sent it to Josh and the rest is history.

And the first track you made, the one that was suppose to have Amy Winehouse on it… How did that almost end up on Wayne’s album?

I got a phone call from Boi-1da, he said, “I might have a placement featuring Amy Winehouse.” He would know more info more than me, but that would’ve been epic. It was a track I had, I had a reference on it from Liz Rodriguez. She’s a songwriter signed to Universal. She did a reference for me and Wayne heard it, he liked it and wanted to put Amy on it. But, it didn’t go through and I don’t know details as to why. That beat wasn’t even meant for Wayne, though. It was meant for Jay-Z, Kanye or Lupe. I just learned that you don’t… I stop making beats for artists based on what they’ve done and started doing stuff I wanna do and go with that. Artists don’t want to come out with whatever they came out with already. They want something new and they trust you to know what that is.

The song is named after you. How did that happen?

I honestly have no idea. I was talking to Josh from Cash Money. He was like, “Congratulations.” I was asking him what the name of the song was and he said the song is called “Megaman,” and started laughing like it’s a joke. I started laughing, like, funny. I was like, “I won’t bother asking for the name, whatever.” Later on he confirmed it. We kept talking after that. Later on when they confirmed it made the album, they confirmed my track, I knew it was on there 100 percent. But he messaged me and told me “the ‘Megaman’ track was confirmed for Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV.” I said, “thanks.” I asked him, “are you gonna tell me name of track?” Actually, he messaged me and said, “the track is still named ‘Megaman’,” and laughed. So I thought it was joke. Come to know, I get a call from Folk and he had gotten the tracklist and it was indeed called “Megaman.” That’s how it became. I have no idea why, Wayne’s just trying to bless me with it.

Was it a trade off? Like, give me this beat for free and I’ll name it after you? Or was there actual money involved?

There is money involved.

Ok. Good!

Yeah [Laughs]. Actually, we were talking about that yesterday. The only other person to have a song named after them was Rockwilder.

Did you get to work with Wayne in the studio?


What was the beat named before you sent it in?

I usually give all my beats names. This one was called “Hold Back.” Wayne knows about me. He knows who I am, he knows from a while ago, from when he first signed Drake. I’m not really in the circle, or that involved, but I’m close to Boi-1da and T-Minus. I’m just not down with circle like that.

In the July issue of XXL Lil Wayne said, “these niggas beats been suckin.” What are your thoughts on those comments?

I was laughing ’cause this was way before I gave him that beat. I was like, “Whoa, for him to say that, he’s not happy with his beat selection.” I was shocked cause producers I heard on the album, I was like, “If he’s not happy with what he’s getting from these producers, then….” But, personally, I don’t know if [producers] were trying to short cut him and give him whatever, from what I know they would give him their best work. I know how producers think, depending on who you are they give you what they give you. These producers are giving Wayne their best work then they need to step up, I totally agree with him. Still, it’s hard to think these guys need to step up their games, but at the same time, I agree with him. If you send OK beats, then that’s a mistake. I never do an OK beat for Wayne, Jay-Z, Kanye. I give them my best work. They deserve that respect. Maybe that’s why he’s working with new producers this time around.


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  • King Richard Aka Da God Of Rap

    good piece xxl,ima artist & like behind da scenes shyt…..

  • L

    Idk i didnt really like the album that much

  • swype-matic

    Did he reach out to new producers so he could avoid paying the others?

  • mon

    he better pay for my beat

  • TheyDontPayForBeats

    Next year the headline will be “Meet the latest Plantiffs for unpaid beats”

  • comeon

    man these motherfuckers talk like they are some a whole diff level, but all that shit sounds like everything else young money do, these guys ego trippin….

  • marlon

    man get back with manny fresh

  • Sean Izzle

    Tha Carter IV is definitely one of the worst albums ive eard in a good while. Tha Carter IV needs Mannie Fresh produced music, like dude up said.

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