Freeway Ricky, aka the Real Rick Ross, Talks Rapper Rick Ross, Future Plans

How many years were you in the game before you decided to get out?

Eight years.

And even though you already decided to get out, Blandon helped you get to that point. Have you ever spoken to him since that day?

No, we never spoke again.

When did you officially go to jail?

1995. But I only stayed out six months from a previous arrest. I first went to jail in ’89.

While you were in jail it was said that you developed a relationship with the now deceased journalist Gary Webb. How did that happen?

My lawyer called me one day and said that this reporter wanted to talk to me. The guy knew Blandon. I was looking at a life sentence so I had nothing to lose. My lawyer was a little more skeptical about talking to reporters, but I told him, you know, ‘Hey, I ain’t got nothing to lose. Tell him come holla at me.’ So we started talking. From then I I talked to Gary almost every day. Sometimes two and three times a day. And he wanted me to because he was investigating Blandon and the whole case. He wanted my attention as much as he could get it.

During Webb’s investigation of your case, a lot of the media claimed his research was inaccurate. What caused that?

They was trying to say stuff that he targeted… that he sent the CIA car into the Black community, which I don’t think that Gary necessarily did that. [And] they were trying to say that the number… how much drugs they sold wasn’t accurate. Basically that he had a smoking gun.

With everything that went on, what would happen if you ran into Oscar Blandon on the street today?

I’m not mad at him no more. He didn’t really set me up. I set myself up. He never put a gun to my head or made me sell drugs. He just offered me an opportunity, and I took it.

How long did it take you to stop being angry with him?

It took a while. I wanted to kill him. I was mad when I had that life sentence, and I was in prison those first few months. I was so mad at him, mad at myself, the judge, the prosecutor, the police, everybody. I was just pissed. [But] I was a drug dealer. I was selling drugs, and I went to jail for something I did. Basically, I decided that I put myself in jail [and] I could get myself out.

You were originally sentenced to life, but got your time reduced to 20 years. Then went to the court of appeals and got more time shaven off. How did that happen?

I became a lawyer. I started studying law everyday. Then I found a loophole [in my case]. They was three striking me and I had only been to jail one other time in my life. So there was no way I could be a career criminal with only one prior arrest. I pointed that out to the district court they [didn’t] understand it. When I pointed that out at the appeals level [court], they got it and told the people I was right.

Through all of this, did your family stand by you or did they cut ties with you?

My family didn’t really know how to support somebody who was in prison. Pretty much, I had to maneuver my way through it.

So are you close to your family now that you’re out?

Absolutely. My family is very, very close knit. I’m trying to teach them what I learned about business and life. While I was in prison, I read 300 books. I educated my self I turned my cell into a university.

How many kids do you have now, and are you close with them?

Seven, [and] we’re pretty tight.

It’s been almost two years to date since you’ve been out of jail, what was the first thing you did once released?

I started a trucking company, Ross Express, and I have three trucks. [And] I also have a record label that I started. I haven’t put anybody out yet, but right now I’m in real close talks with Universal [and] Atlantic Records about a label deal.

So how can people contact you and see what you’re up to?

I got the website,

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    The REAL Rick Ross…..not some frontin ass correctional officer who cant rap worth a shit.Who only has a good ear for beats and has better rappers on almost every song with him to help carry him. The fake RR needs to hang up his mic and go away, or just stick to runnin his label, quit rappin about a life he never lived.

    • William Leonard Roberts II

      That ain’t fair. I was the first guy to grunt to fill in the gaps when I run out of things to rhyme with blow. It’s so difficult man, I mean there’s like snow, foe, doe, show, grow, mow, ho. Ho! Man I’m an actual genius, this shit is going to be the lead single off God Forgives!

      Please buy it, I’m falling behind on the repayments on my Maybach.

      • William Leonard Roberts II

        And I know Meek’s new mixtape is wack but please download it, we’re trying to build his confidence but I’m not gonna straight out lie to the homie, Tupac is defiantly not back.

  • lindaliudf

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  • nanail098

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  • dj khaled is a arab

    when you think about it, the fake rick ross has took this guys name, his life as a cocaine dealer and even his look with the shaved head and beard. he really is a joke. i stopped listening to him when all this shit came out, i just cant listen to it.

    • William Leonard Roberts II

      You don’t have to listen to it man, just buy my shit. I can’t afford any more Louis V, God Forgives if mostly about me rapping about J Crew and The Gap.

    • JugularKill



      C’mon I would say 15% tops of gangster rappers have actually sold white, about half have been around environments who sell/ cook so they know what to talk about. And the rest use word play to make it look like they know their shit.

      I never once thought Rick Ross “rapper” sold coke, but I still like his music. I’m about black success.

      Rick Ross is smarter than a drug dealer, why? a correctional officer who took the identity of a drug dealer to become a multi-millionaire. He’s a genius & he didn’t have to sin much to do it.

      Niggaz who have never sold coke who claim to:

      Lil Wayne (buying is not the same as selling),
      Rick Ross,
      The Game (but his brother yes)
      Dr Dre,
      Lil Scrap,
      Busta Rhymes,
      Fat Joe,
      Slim Thug,

      I’m just being real. I can like a rapper but doesn’t mean I have to believe their bullshit. Grow the fuk up It’s not just Rick Ross it’s a gang of niggaz, especially new niggaz.

      Props to DMX, never said he sold drugs & he goes hard.

      • East Atlanta

        B.I.G. Sold crack. So technically he did sell coke.


        Snoop sold dope thats why he got locked up, right before Dre found him, he started rappin in jail. Quit actin like you know these dudes and hang with them, like you been hangin with them for years and know everything they do on a daily basis.

      • cheds

        I agree with you aswell, im about black success too, and I dont believe what most rappers say, but I like there music.

        your list of rappers is wrong though, snoop went jail in 89 for selling crack, nas has got a song on rick ross rich forevfer mixtape saying how he was a failed dealer, dr dre never claims to sell coke, and game never sold coke he sold crack, and i know someone from compton use to be from nutty block who has seen him do so

    • real nigga J

      Amen, all the people who bought his album each time are officially lames

  • Johnn-E

    Wow Im from Miami and i still didnt like Rick Ross, now that i know this i hope he gets sued for alot that piece of needs to stop blowing wayne and go back to jail to watch naked dudes.

  • Mutada mullah atari

    This piece of shit drug dealer needs to atop crying and move the fuck on. How many years of his life is he going to spend crying about another person having the same name as him. All rappers, all fucking rappers have taken a name image or style from a real life gangster, or a movie, scarface, the Mac, iceberg slim etc. Was jay z a real pimp? No but he called himself iceberg slim. Point is this guy was a piece of shit drug dealer who sold cocaine and crack within the black community at quantitates that far exceed, making some money to get buy because of a lack of opportunity. Ross has been ricky rozae for over a year now. Shut the fuck up and do something other than tell war stories about your past piece of shit drug dealing ways and cry about a rapper whonis making millions of dollars off of his music not your name or fucking beard.

    • Ninja Boi

      Who cares that we hasnt Ricky Rozae for more than a yr the point is he basically stole this mans identity…and be;lieve e that in itself is a heinous crime..i have had my credit card stolen and been left to clear off bad debts b4 and i would imagine it would feel alot like that 2 have ur identity stolen..i mean think about it you go to jail do time for your crimes and you come bgack out to find that one of the only things you have that really belongs to you has been stolen by someone else what would you do? Think about that b4 u pass judgement on this man

    • JAKE B

      @MUTADA MULLAH ATARI educate yourself homie cuz you sound like an ignorant DUMB ASS real spit get with the program or find another spot to talk your shit cuz UNCLE RICKY has RIDERS and if you wanna get caught slippin like the PORK-O-MIAMI did come thru the town…..

  • Mathias

    I just wanna see the movie chronicling this man’s life, cause you know it’s gonna be a true gangsta flick


    Think before you speak dude, stealing someones name is one thing but still some ones name and like ness and tryin to act like your him is a whole different thing.Sure rappers take names from movies or whatever but do they try to act like they are that person? When in fact they were a correctional officer which is completely opposite of what your trying to portray.GTFOH with that dumb shit.Ross is a fraud people need to wake up and pull the wool off their eyes.


      Oh yeah one more thing, quit acting like the dude is so bad for dealing drugs, he isnt the piece of shit he was the supplier, they made the choice to do drugs, no its not cool that he did but face it he sold them people bought them he supplied the demand, and these same rappers your defending have all claimed they sold drugs to get by…so quit bein a hipocrite.

  • kukluxswag

    like father like son part 2 coming soon by MBM

  • d real Ricky

    nat nigga does good music…….. but somebody shud tell him to stop impersonating……………… hip hop will not die…

  • umm

    ummm why are we gloryfing a man who has done nothing in his life except sell cocaine. This is why we as black people are backwards. I’d rather listen to Lil Wayne and Waka Flocka then hear about this fuckup.

  • J Ross

    I’m apart of the Real Ross Fam. We don’t like fake shit. IF u gonna b fake WilliamS U still need to show respect to the Real. Or we gonna stay on ur head & the Real is with us. So as long as u make music & not give RESPECT, U a FaT Boy 2 ME. J Ross Ent

  • J Ross

    Dumb people, we respect a man that could not read or write but made more money than any 1 u know, Y’all wanna glorify the the Italians & mexicans mafias, but when a black take over what they had he a fuck up. Smh now who the fuck up? Get your mind & grind right. Umm

  • bylaw99

    Can someone tell my why its o.k for hiphop to allow current or ex-law enforcement to come in and position themselves in a form of music that was against oppression and the government. Pac & Big would of never accepted this nor zebra jeggings.

  • ReggieBO

    idgaf. i like rick rosses music and anybody who dont can fade rite now! hoh