Fabolous Speaks on 10-Year Anniversary of Ghetto Fabolous and Upcoming Loso’s Way 2

Speaking of recognition, congratulations on the 10-Year anniversary of your debut, Ghetto Fabolous.

Thank you.

How does it feel reaching the 10-years mark?

It’s crazy because that album was my baby, but you don’t come in thinking that you’ll be rapping for 10 years or be around 10 years or people will be loving your music for 10 years. You kind of live nonchalant, kind of just doing your thing, get on, get some money. You never look at trying to achieve longevity, you just want to come in and do your thing right at that moment. I’m one of the few artists that I guess, standing the test of time you know what I’m saying. I’m still here and still making great music and people are still appreciating my music and I’ll continue to make [it] as long as people dig it and appreciate it.

If you had to pick just one track off the album, what would your favorite?

One of my favorite tracks off Ghetto Fab is—if I had just one, I would have to say “Keeping It Gangsta” because at that time I did that joint in New York. It kind of stamped me as one of those people to be reckoned with in New York at that time. And you know I had, of course, a couple of other records moving, and the R&B remixes but, it wasn’t until that record where it felt like, “OK we got somebody solid.” Big shout out to DJ Enuff. At that time he was just starting and that was kind of a record that he started blasting off and you know built his empire and also while he was building his empire, had my record on deck so he always reminds me of that and I always remember it.  He don’t even have to remind me but, he does. It was a great joint you know.

Yeah you even linked up with the Lox and MOP for the remix.

Yeah, we had The Lox on there and MOP. That was the first time that I collaborated with The Lox. I remember listening to The Lox on Clue mixtapes, I grew up listening to MOP so you know it was great to be able to come in and have those people on the remix was a great thing at that time.

So tell us a little bit about things your currently working on. I know your gearing up for Loso’s Way 2.

Yeah, I’m working on Loso’s Way 2 that’s the main focus. I wanted to come out with the 10-year anniversary, but you know just– I still have to get the beats that I want. I can’t put out an album with the beats that I just got, you know what I’m saying, I got to give ya’ll the quality joints. I got rhymes, I got ideas, you know I’ve had these since Loso’s Way one, but you got to find the right beats to them, so I had to go around and make a couple of trips. I went to L.A., I went to Miami, I went to Atlanta, I went here in New York and you know I think now we got you know the foundation and now we can build on top of that so the album will be out soon.

Will there be a concept or theme much like the first project?

Similar, but just more about evolution. I’m sure people can see you know me evolving as an artist, hopefully, and they’re growing with me you know what I’m saying. I’ve been doing this since paper towels on my head and bandanas were on my head so people have grown with me throughout that time. Since the throwback jerseys, all different kind of fashion statements I’ve made and trends, whatever, and now I’m here, I’m grown—you know I’m a father now.

How’s that feeling?

It’s crazy to me, just me even raising a little boy and him looking at me and being able to see me on TV, it’s an experience man. I hope, I encourage, the same way I encouraged people to put paper towels on their head, I encourage them to embrace family and take care of their kids the same way.

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