8. DJ Premier
Though DJ Premier hasn’t worked with Jay-Z in nearly 12 years and only released 8 songs with Hov through the Brooklyn MC’s first four albums, the Gang Starr DJ always laced Jay with premium heat. The Jigga Man always reciprocated by saving some of his sharpest darts for Primo’s boom bap. At a time where his beats were considered key ingredients to cook up classic albums, Preme contributed three heaters to Jay’s Reasonable Doubt ("D'Evils," "Friend or Foe," "Bring It On"). Their chemistry carried over to In My Lifetime, Vol.1 (“A Million and One Questions/Rhyme No More,” “Friend or Foe 98”) and Vol.3… Life and Times of S. Carter (“So Ghetto”). Even the Memphis Bleek-manned "Hand It Down" off of Hov's star-making Vol.2…Hard Knock Life was more than solid. Aside from Ski, Preme may be the only one of Jigga's go-to boardsmen to never have produced a dud for Hov.
XXL Staff

Released Tracks: 8
Album Appearances (1pt): 4 = 4pts
Officially Released Singles (2pts): 0
Grammy Nominations (3pts): 0
Top 40 Singles on Billboard Hot 100 (4pts): 0
Signature Track (s) (5pts): “Friend or Foe,” “D’Evils,” "A Million and One Questions/Rhyme No More,” A Million and One Questions (Extended Remix),” “So Ghetto” 25pts
Total: 29pts

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