Kiss the Ring: The Throne’s Many Royalty-Inspired Lyrics

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    Kiss the Ring: The Throne's Many Royalty-Inspired Lyrics
    It ain’t safe in the city, Watch the Throne…Listen to Jay-Z and Kanye West’s catalog of music long enough and you’ll notice a plethora of regal-esque references. As brash as it seems to some, it’s almost fitting that the duo name their lion of an LP, <em>Watch The Throne</em>. Kings in their own right, the pair has been hinting at, if not blatantly promoting, their royalty status for years now. From Hova declaring his self as, “The king ni**a!,” on ’02’s “The Bounce” to Yeezy, better yet “His Majesty,” describing his swim parties as being pageantries on last year’s Beyoncé-assisted “See Me Now” it was only a matter of time that The Throne, as they are formally called, officially make their claim known. takes a look at ’Ye and Hov’s many royal-inspired lyrics. Don’t step on our robe…—<em>Ralph Bristout</em>
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    “Now she's mad at me, cause Your Majesty/Just happened to be a pimp, what a tragedy.”— Jay-Z “Nigga What, Nigga Who,” <em>Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life</em> (1998)
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    “Just to lame rap niggas I'm the king/Motherfuck the ring mami kiss the chain.” — Jay-Z “Pop 4 Roc,” <em>Vol. 3… Life & Times of S. Carter</em> (1999)
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    “Run lights like I'm the king of New York, I'm lawless.” — Jay-Z “Parking Lot Pimpin,” <em>The Dynasty: Roc La Familia</em> (2000)
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    “From blowin' Swisher Sweets outta candy drops/Like we underground kings, ridin' dirty.” — Jay-Z “All I Need,” <em>The Blueprint</em> (2001)
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    “So stop with that childish shit, nigga I'm grown/Please leave it alone, don't throw rocks at the throne.” — Jay-Z “Takeover,” <em>The Blueprint</em> (2001)
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    “You niggas gonna learn to respect the king/Don't be the next contestant on that Summer Jam screen.” — Jay-Z “Takeover,” <em>The Blueprint</em> (2001)
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    “Y'all don't see, clearly cause the reign ain't gone/"The Dynasty," no not Ming but Shawn's.” — Jay-Z “Hovi Baby,” <em>The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse</em> (2002)
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    “Young Hov’ the King.” — Jay-Z “The Bounce,” <em>The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse</em> (2002)
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    “Back in '96 we was livin' like kings dog/40 cals or better, totin' them things dog.” — Kanye West “My Way” <em>Freshman Adjustment, Vol. 1</em> (2003)
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    “Got crowned king down in Africa.” — Jay-Z “Oh My God,” <em>Kingdom Come</em> (2006)
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    “Get the fuck out the throne you clone, the King's back!/Y'all got less than 2 months to get y'all thing together.” — Jay-Z “Show Me What You Got,” <em>Kingdom Come</em> (2006)
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    “Never imagine all the disasters that one good reign/Could bring, should blMW, the game.” — Jay-Z on Nas's “Black Republican,” <em>Hip-Hop Is Dead</em> (2006)
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    “Bow in the presence of greatness.” — Kanye West “Stronger,” <em>Graduation</em> (2007)
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    “This is chess know the difference 'tween the king and the pawn.” — Jay-Z “Blow The Whistle” Freestyle (2008)
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    “I'm the king of the world/So king of your city by default.” — Kanye West on Really Doe's “Plastic,” <em>First Impressions</em> (2008)
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    “It's gonna take a lot to be down with the king, king Down, down with the king/Now are you really ready for the big screen?” — Kanye West “Big Screen” <em>Love, Life & Loyalty</em> (2008)
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    “My reign is as far as your eyes can see.” — Kanye West “Amazing” <em>808’s & Heartbreak</em> (2008)
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    “My reign Lulu's son shine/Been a star since I was back in one time.” — Jay-Z “A Star Is Born,” <em>The Blueprint 3</em> (2009)
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    “I am the king and will not be headed/To the morgue no time soon, brethren.” — Kanye West on N.A.S.A.'s “Gifted,” <em>The Spirit of Apollo</em> (2009)
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    “Long live the king, yo.” — Jay-Z “Empire State of Mind,” <em>The Blueprint 3</em> (2009)
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    “Martin Louie the King Jr, starting all that stunting is gonna ruin you.” — Kanye West “Maybach Music II,” <em>Deeper Than Rap</em> (2009)
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    “King like T.I but in the Chi, Larry.” — Kanye West “Hate,” <em>The Blueprint 3</em> (2009)
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    “They call me King Hov, copy, big ballin’ is my hobby.” — Jay-Z on Usher's “Hot Tottie,” <em>Versus</em> (2010)
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    “So I can be like Slick Rick, and rule ya/Dr. Martin Louis the King, Junior” — Kanye West “Live Fast, Die Young,” <em>Teflon Don</em> (2010)
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    “The king of the urban make the shit sound rural.” — Kanye West “Lord, Lord, Lord” G.O.O.D. Fridays (2010)
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    “Have you ever had sex with a pharaoh?/I put the pussy in a sarcophagus.” — Kanye West “Monster” <em>My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy</em> (2010)
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    “Watch the throne don’t step on our robe/Bad enough we let you step on our globe.” — Jay-Z “H.A.M.,” <em>Watch the Throne</em> (2011)
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    “It was all good just a week ago, niggas feel theyselves/And that Watch the Throne drop, Niggas kill theyselves.” — Kanye West “H.A.M.,” <em>Watch the Throne</em> (2011)
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    “Bow down, Brotha you suppose to pay homage.” — Jay-Z “H.A.M.,” <em>Watch the Throne</em> (2011)
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    “I paid for them titties get your own, it ain't safe in the city Watch the Throne” — Kanye West “That’s My Bitch,” <em>Unreleased</em> (2010)
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