Hip-Hop’s eBay Memorabilia

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    Death Row
  • death row pendant
    Hip-Hop's eBay Memorabilia
    Last week, <a href="http://www.xxlmag.com/news/2011/08/tupac-shakurs-death-row-chain-for-sale-on-ebay/">Tupac Shakur’s Death Row chain went up for sale on eBay</a> (in England, no less!) to the glee of many hip-hop memorabilia collectors and 'Pac fans. Though the highest of 54 bidders currently stands at $3, 150.99, the price is sure to go up as the 15-year anniversary of the revered MC quickly approaches. As a result of this rare find, <em>XXL</em> took a look through eBay's catalog and found the best (or weirdest) hip-hop memorabilia online. Get your wallets ready.— <em>Carter Newby & Martin Spasov</em>
  • run-dmc adidas signed
    It’s only right that the legends that made the shoes such a popular fashion choice in the '80s would autograph them. You too can “Rock This Way” for $350.
  • positive k negatives
    Get some negatives of Positive K… get it?
  • mc hammer mattel shiny suit
    Rick Ross would’ve bought this if it fit…
  • lupe fiasco jacket
    For the die-hard fan…the real Lupe Fiasco fan
  • lil wayne standup lifesize
    “Lifesize” in this case means 5’6’’, but whatever, it's still dope if you want to get scared every time you walk around in the dark.
  • lil wayne graphics
    Weezy will be a constant presence in your home if you buy these graphics.
  • Ghostface Vinyl 2
    Tony Stark is no less intimidating in this tiny vinyl figure, and he’s still “fuckin’ yo’ friend…”
  • fat boys shoes
    For all you sneakerheads out there who want a beat up pair of Air Flights here’s your chance for $285.
  • Eazy E funeral photos
    This tragic reminder would be a good addition for the Eazy-E fan.
  • drake autograph guitar
    I know Drake is a talented musician but I’m not sure if he can play guitar. Either way if you play or just want a nifty piece of memorabilia you’ll have to throw down $300 for it.
  • death row records multi-platinum plaque
    <em>The Chronic</em>, <em>Doggystyle</em>, <em>Above the Rim</em> an <em>Murder Was the Case</em> all in one big plaque—a dope decoration for the house and all yours for only $15,000.
  • Cee-Lo Bobblehead Egg
    Instead of yelling “F*ck You,” just throw this Cee-Lo egg at somebody.
  • biggie figures big poppa BIG SIZE
    Some iconic Biggie figures, in smaller sizes…
  • 2LiveCrew Ebay
    For $19.99 you can have a bunch of flat asses on your wall. (Also, why does the second one on the left look like Kanye West?)
  • ymcmb shirt
    In lieu of buying a Bugatti, this is the closest you can get to being a part of the Young Money family.
  • xxl signed dr.dre
    A little self-promotion here but you can’t go wrong with this signed copy of Dre’s <em>XXL</em> copy for $200. (Is <em>Detox</em> really coming, Dre?)
  • vanilla ice negatives
    Buy this if you want your wall to be cold as ice (but really, why would you?)

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