Fans Vote: Should White Rappers Be Allowed to Use the N-Word? [Poll Results]

Sparked by Kreayshawn associate V-Nasty recently defending her use of it, Bad Boy’s latest signee, Machine Gun Kelly, sat down with XXL to talk about why White rappers shouldn’t use the N-Word. Inspired by that clip, XXL polled its readers and asked: Should White rappers be allowed to use the N-word? And, the results are almost tied. Check it out:

45% of the voters think White rappers shouldn’t use the word, while 42% feel they are equally a part of the culture and should get a pass. Meanwhile, 13% are on the fence about it.

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  • OG Matt Herbz

    Man, this is so 2007.

    What up, White Niggaz?!

    –OG Matt Herbz–
    Leader, WNM’11

  • adrian smith birmignham england

    yes white rappers should use the word nigger come on Ice t did a rap record called straight up nigga look at n.w.a. niggaz 4 life album its not the kkk or right wing media its rap music keep it uncut shout out to all the white nigga hip hop fans worldwide who been down from day one PEACE OUT 2 ALL MY NIGGAZ

    • amp

      u a bum. the word is nigga! yea they should get a pass cuz thats culture. but hell nah they shouldnt be sayin nigger thats race. its definitely a difference. so any asshole sayin blacks shouldnt say it specify wat u talkin bout.

  • AD

    no one should be able to use it but .. evryone does and it is no way can you regulate evryone the word is fashionable……..

  • Jaysonmanman

    Personally i think its all about class. If i was a white rapper i wouldnt go there just because. I never heard Em say it and hes one of the best. African Americans should practice the same discipline…

  • Sharoyce Antwan

    To each his own. If a white person came up in a neighborhood in which the n word was okay to be used around his black peers, then I cant fault him. I know how Big Pun, Termanology and Fat Joe use the n word religiously, but they are hispanic… I guess its a BX or New York thing. Some people were raised differently. It depends on what that individual was subjected to. V Nasty has probably used the N word since a child because of the rapid usage of it around her area. Its a term of endearment around her hood possibly.
    Even though some artists are good with the term floating around they still know the boundaries. Lil Wyte, Cage, RA Ruggedman and Vinnie Paz dont use it. Eminem used it in one of his early recordings and got scorned for it. No matter how many people politic about the usage of the word it will still be used on a regular basis. I’m not going to get offended by a word that has lost its momentum over the years. If we are so willing to humiliate each other, why cant other races? V said nothing Kramer like… she was just telling niggas that she was getting money. Whats the harm in that? I’d have problem if it was Billy O Reilly sayin that shit though.

    She Aint Had It Like This

    I Done Fucked Yo Type

    • Dman

      Vinnie Paz has actually used the N word before in sum of his raps


    I know plenty of white hood people who use the word,around black people at that.I personally think blacks own the word, and white people shouldnt use it. Even I have at times I used it growin up, because I hung around blacks, and grew up in the hood and they condoned it to an extent.But I have gotten older and grown more respectful in those regards, and believe that if its done right and in the right context it shouldnt be looked down on. But do feel people should not say it out of respect to the hip hop community as a whole out of respect and having class.

  • JesseJames

    im a white rapper in florida not famous or nothing but i have a mixtape dropping and u can check my music out im not goin to tell you where unless you ask cause im not using this for promotion….but i do not say the n word in any of my raps i mean lets be serious you can think of a different word to rhyme with bigga than…well u know….and i rap with black folks my best friends are either black or hispanic…when we are chilling togeather i might say it but thats cause im around my black friends and they know i dont mean any kind of disrespect when it is said and they know me as a person….but if you put it on a record that puts it on a new level that means people who dont know you are goin to judge you for the use of the word and those people may be offened…..i know doing music there will be people who love it or hate it but i want them to hate cause they hate it not be like the white boy spits but cause he said n word i aint messin with him……if you dont like my music i want u not to like casue u dont like it not casue of a word…..but on a different subject is it ok for black folks to say cracka in there raps 90% of rappers who say it say it in a negative way towards white folks…but if i was to say im making money with my n word and used it in a positive way the only thing someone would here is that i said that word not the context i said it in…so its kinda not fair….dont forget racisim is racism not matter what race you are……but think about it is it ok for black folks to say cracka if its not ok for white folks to say n word xxl should poll that question

    • J Douglas

      My advice would be to stop trying to be a negro and attempt to improve yourself. Based on your post, you are a functional illiterate. Rap music has done its part to destroy black society, and now it’s spilling over and damaging whites as well. We have to look no further than to you to find an example of that degradation.

      As to the original polling question, in a fre society, we can all say what we will. Are Whites “allowed” to say “nigga?” Who grants that permission? I say blacks aren’t “allowed” to say “Motherfucker” because it’s offensive to anyone who has a mother and doesn’t actually fuck her. Stop immediately!

      • LovebLust

        Rap music did not destroy anything, the black community has been in a hell hole since slavery, point blank. Gangsta rap,which was given to the mainstream by rich,white music execs, is what did something,if anything. If rap music is so bad, I wonder what white slave owners were listening to when beating, raping, and forcing blacks to work for free for hundreds of years..Im sick of people blaming rap music, if anything blame gangsta rap for influencing white suburban kids, because the black community has always been Fd up.

  • *LIL*

    First I want to say I am not RACIST at all I love black people.I am a white girl and I love rap music Wayne is my favorite.But I think that if you are like talking to someone and your like yo wats gud nigga I don’t think that’s being RACIST or what ever its just like saying hi or hey or anything like that.But I do think that if a white person sees a black person and says (I’m not gonna say this word because I don’t like it) but says fucking (NR) ya know I think that’s so disrespectful and rude.Same goes for black people if there like wutz gud cracka,honkie that’s just a way of saying hi or hey what ever u wanna say.But if they are like man fuck (HONKIES) or look at dat honkie yes I think that’s rude and disrespectful.Mostly younger people use these words because a lot of us don’t take it as a insult,older folks yes they are old skool and they take that to heart.I am like so sick of the racist shit its so damn old its always about black and whites.How come no one makes a big deal over Mexican’s and Whites or Asians and Blacks?? It just always black and white.Good god can we just get along please .I think this is the most stupidest vote ever but I am the kind of person who don’t take shit to heart.I know all kinds of black people and white and we get along fuck off and shit never nothing serious so I don’t know I just think this was a stupid ass vote its gonna do nothing but cause problem.And really if you look at it close all the racist people was raised to be like that because there family’s are some people isn’t but yeah and another thing is most old folks are and then want there children to be.I think its wonderful for black and whites to mix have kids,be friends all that shit. But that just my opinion:) If ya like the way I think add me on youtube my name is Ladonnab20 :) only if your not racist no racist people at all


    This is just another example of when pop culture goes wrong. The question is stupid because white rappers are already allowed to say nigga the question is why do you want to? The word Nigga doesn’t make a white rapper more authentic or down, it doesn’t improve their lyrics in anyway unless it is a narrative that involves race. This is america you are allowed to say what you want but you have to be ready for the reaction be it positive or negative. If you feel the need to say it then live with the consequnces. Even if it side tracks your career or gets you unfairly labeled, it was your choice to use a word that has racial connections, walking around telling people how to feel about it is a weak move.

    “Nigga or Nigger” was transformed in Americas pop pysche through hip-hop but it is still a horrible reminder of Americas past. In my opinion it has always been a part of the african american mind frame because it was drilled in during slavery and segragation as a slur. It stayed in the black community because black people were and still are damaged goods in America they define themselves by what white America says is good or bad to this day. Some blacks didn’t even trust blacks as much as whites. Now what other cultural group acts like this, every immigrant class no matter how oppressed had their customs and identity going in and stood on it when the time came. Blacks were considered property(not human) and this word is just a nasty little bit of the past to remind us of the damage that striping some one of their humanity can have on generations. So this is a private discussion made public by entertainment and sensationalism. I have no problem with what individuals say but they need to know that word and the black experience is not a suite some of us can’t take it off. Do they really want to join the fraternity of nigga/nigger or do they just want to play some games to show how cool they are. If it is the later then you are a sad person anyway.

    • Loveb4Lust

      This was said almost perfectly. Im far from racist, 90% of my friends are white, and I am from a small rural town,low middle class to poor,with a lot of ignorance. I cant even tell you how many times I have been called nigger/nigga,been singled out in school,could not date certain girls,or go inside certain friends houses,or been blamed for stealing something. Then you have my fathers side of the family lives in the city so I got that side of life on the weekends or when around my cousins. I feel that a white person should NOT say it, maybe that is kind of wrong and one sides but its just the way it is. If spanish people started calling eachother spic, would it be cool for white people to say “whts good my spic” No it wouldnt, so why is nigga different. Nigger was a word used to put the black man down,and ONLY the black man. And as far as rap music making it ok to say that word,people in the hood have been using nigga as a term of endearment since before rap was even invented. This all stems from a culture dealing with music and fashion, that drills swag and being cool into peoples heads. So when it first came out,it was only known about in NY,and eventually other inner cities across america. Obviously it made its way into suburban america when people realized there was a lot of money in it. Obviously the word nigga would be used a lot in a form of music birthed in the streets. As white people start to copy all of the aspects of it,the only thing left is the word nigga, and now they want that too. My thing is,if you say it,ok,but be ready to deal with an ass whoopen or even worse. Lets say you grew up in oakland around a lot of blacks and hispanics and your people allowed you to say it. Do you think if you travel to harlem and use the word,someone is going to stop and ask what type of upbringing you had. My thing is,why do you want to say it? WHY? does it make you feel cool? So you want to skip all the hardships that come with being black,or a minority in general, skip all the judgmental people,the racism, getting followed in stores, stared at when dating a white girl,the jokes you get when going to an all white school, etc etc etc etc etc, but you want to be able to say nigga. I dont even think this topic is that important,it shouldnt even be a topic. It should just be known not to say it, point blank

  • T3hMario

    I agree with Chris Rock on this one. White people should be allowed to say the “n” word if they are rapping to a song like Eazy-e’s Real Muthapucking Gs or any song. But otherwise i don’t see a reason why white people would want to say it? Has it become something you just got to and need to say?
    But i do agree with some people that if white boy hangs with black guys in a friendgroup and they know each other and it is okay for the black guys then it’s okay to say the “n” word in a respectful way.
    I also think that if a white guy says accidentaly the “n” word, but means no harm then he shouldn’t get his ass beaten.
    And just thinking that in todays world if you ain’t no 60 year old fag then you don’t mean to be rude when you say the “n” word. But it’s not okay to yell any1 your pissed of to “fuck you N***A” even though if you ment it in similar way as “fuck you faggot”.
    In the end i don’t think that it’s good to allow white boys to say the “n” word because then it would spread and everybody would start using it and then white people would start instulting their fellow blacks with the “n” word and of course in some time black people would get really annoyed because of that (anyone would) and it would became a sacred word again. I’m just saying that reasonableness in everything. It should be okay to use it sometimes and some situation, but fully granting the permission for white people to say it ain’t good.
    And for all you white folks who think that sayin N***A is cool what would you think what would happen if you could say the “n” word when ever you want? It wouldn’t be “cool” anymore and maybe even black folks would stop saying it. That has happened to many words which blacks have used and which white people “have taken”.
    Now I’m asking you another question: If sometime using the “n” word will become okay for everyone what would you think, would it be okay for a white folk to call hes other white buddy a N***A just in sentences like “wazzap my …” or something. And i don’t mean like everybody, but if there are some white kids who have grown listening to rap and respect black people as much as theirselves and other stuff. Because all I’ve understood the “n” word is like a “bro” or “man” word that black people can use.
    I don’t think that would be necessary, because you can just say “wazzap my man” or anything and the “n” in hip hop and everything word is reference to a black guy so it would be wierd. I’m just asking you this question because i have heard white boys saying hi to each other like ” wazzap N***A”. Tell me your opinion

  • Harold

    Screw all you Niggers..