50 Cent wasn’t lying when he said he planned on feeding a billion people in Africa. The hip-hop mogul recently announced that he is launching a new line of energy shot drinks in order to generate the money needed for such an enterprising endeavor.

According to bevindustry.com, Fif has partnered with Pure Growth Partners, a New York City-based company that conceives and markets consumer brands, for the launch of the beverage, dubbed Street King. With each purchase of the new product, a meal will be provided for a child in need.

Available from $2.49 to $2.99 in orange mango and grape flavors, each bottle will contain caffeine from coffee beans. And for the healthy conscious there is zero carbs, calories and sugar.

Together, the team plans to feed 1 billion children during the next five years.

“50 Cent and I share a common vision: to address the world’s problems through smart and sustainable business models,” said Pure Growth Partners’ Founder and CEO Chris Clarke. “With the rampant starvation in Africa and hunger afflicting children worldwide, we need socially responsible businesses that affect real change now more than ever. And Street King can set the bar for future generations to come.”

“I’m inspired by [Clarke’s] vision and innovative approaches to tackling issues” added Fif about the business move. “It’s our mission with Street King to really change children’s lives around the world.”

Street King will be available nationwide in September —Ralph Bristout