50 Cent Launches New Energy Drink, Proceeds Go to Feeding Africa

50 Cent wasn’t lying when he said he planned on feeding a billion people in Africa. The hip-hop mogul recently announced that he is launching a new line of energy shot drinks in order to generate the money needed for such an enterprising endeavor.

According to bevindustry.com, Fif has partnered with Pure Growth Partners, a New York City-based company that conceives and markets consumer brands, for the launch of the beverage, dubbed Street King. With each purchase of the new product, a meal will be provided for a child in need.

Available from $2.49 to $2.99 in orange mango and grape flavors, each bottle will contain caffeine from coffee beans. And for the healthy conscious there is zero carbs, calories and sugar.

Together, the team plans to feed 1 billion children during the next five years.

“50 Cent and I share a common vision: to address the world’s problems through smart and sustainable business models,” said Pure Growth Partners’ Founder and CEO Chris Clarke. “With the rampant starvation in Africa and hunger afflicting children worldwide, we need socially responsible businesses that affect real change now more than ever. And Street King can set the bar for future generations to come.”

“I’m inspired by [Clarke’s] vision and innovative approaches to tackling issues” added Fif about the business move. “It’s our mission with Street King to really change children’s lives around the world.”

Street King will be available nationwide in September —Ralph Bristout

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    Ol’e Sweet juice a&* Ni**a

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  • lesotho

    Do you guys know anything about Africa? Does 50 cent know anything about Africa? There are no billion people starving in Africa. The world’s population is nearly 7 billion. There are about 1 billion people in Africa. Does is it mean that the whole of Africa is in poverty when 50 cents says he will feed 1 billion Africans? Fucken do you math and stop feeding on this ignorance. XXL is stupid for feeding into this mess. This says a lot about the level of education in the U.S.

    • NJH

      Not disagreeing with your comments about the education level in the U.S. in any way, but this article states that their five-year plan is to “feed 1 billion children”. Doesn’t say “in Africa” specifically (despite 50 Cent saying it earlier) nor does it imply that there will be one meal per person. If that were the case, it would be completely stupid. One meal is not going to do anything except make 50 Cent feel less guilty about having so much money. If he/they spent half as much as they’re spending on marketing, product development and production and just put it directly into Africa, I’d say it would have a far greater impact.

    • soy yo

      Read again partner, it says in the next 5 years, dont come up trying to look all enlightened!!! Besides, why do we always have to look for something negative when there isnt, the man is helping put an end to little kids starving slowly to death. Did you know families in Kenya have felt forced to abandon their children in poorest conditions so they could at least try to save their better ones? Help out by praying, otherwise learn to remain silent.

  • $yk


    it ain’t about do you know about Africa…the question should be do you know why this has been going on in Africa…


  • Greaminati

    Funny! WHO SAYS WE ARE HUNGRY IN AFRICA? And to think that 1billi people needs to be fed in Africa is MORE THAN FUNNY! I think the problem with him is misinformation..they(news) are always branding Africa like it is a desert and famine struck continent..we have hungry people as much as you have in your continent..

    • Logic

      you’re so right..there are just as many starving children in america as there is in africa…wtf are you on. that’s not true at all. and im educated about africa, there are some great places there. i do know that america has a higher percent of unpopulated area than africa..which does mean technically america is more of a wasteland than africa…in that sense. but americans dont have many villagers that live in huts, and they also dont deal with genocide on a daily basis. come back with some real facts nigga.

  • Ninja Boi

    You Know what Im tired of all u fucking haters …i mean ill be the first to admit even as a fan that 50 Cent aint always the Good guy…but for once this niggas doin sumn geniune n yall try 2 shoot him down…get a fucking life!!!! cuz im pretty sure all the Africans that get meals arent goin to be fucking complaining

  • lesotho

    Lets not play the semantics game. The article says that 50 plans to feed 1 billion people in Africa and then it goes on to say that he plans to feed 1 billion children in the next five years. It doesn’t take an iota of brain matter to connect the two. First and foremost, AFRICA DOES NOT HAVE 1 BILLION CHILDREN. SECONDLY, THERE ARE NO ONE BILLION PEOPLE IN AFRICA THAT ARE IN NEED OF AID. It seems like the trend now to get publicity is to say that you’ll help Africa as if Africa is homogenous. People talk of Africa as if its a country Pointing out ignorance is not being negative. Thats the problem with people, any criticism is seen as negativity. Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. If the emperor isn’t wearing anything, lets say so. Lets also educate ourselves before we open our mouths in public.

    • Mob Hollows

      “people talk of Africa as if it’s a country”

      could you elaborate? it’s a continent obviously (harboring several countries within itself), but who’s talking about Africa like it’s a country.

      also, it’s clear that Africa has it’s problems, but that’s not due to a less than ample amount of food. it’s due to the gorilla thugs that steal the food shipments from the less fortunate. you’d be better off sending enforcers over there to prevent the vagabonds from stealing from the poor just to sell it back to them when it was intended to be free in the first place.

      • lesotho

        Making a blanket statement about something is treating it as homogenous. Saying you will feed 1 billion children in Africa falls in that category. More than half the countries in Africa are stable and feeding their own. Africa has a population of nearly 1 billion. Which 1 billion children is he talking about? . If 50 said he was going to feed 1 billion American children you would look at him like is crazy. Right now you’re talking of thugs stealing food in Africa from aid agencies shipments and that is what Al Shabaab does but you’re talking as if thats the situation in other African countries and it is not. Be specific and stop generalising. I’m sure you don’t like when people make generalisations about your race group or community. People tend to always do that when talking of Africa and its been going on for too long.

  • http://www.getaclue.com Linda

    2011 Get Rich Or Die Trying” new album is due to drop the same time as his new energy drink…coincidence? NO it is marketing for both!
    Street King is a for profit venture that for publicity and most likely a huge tax write off…

    why is 50 cent waiting until September to launch SK when the help is needed now? In Sept it will be too late

  • Freekey

    Its funny how people can hate on something like this.
    First off, there IS no count on how much people there is in africa.
    Second off all it says 1 billion childrens in africa for the next five years, why not?

    He’s not saying he is gonna feed 1 billion kids one time, he says he is gonna feed the kids thats starving so many times that there problably will be 1 billion times.

    Stop hating, this was a good idea! props 2 fif! I thought he was an ignorant bastard.

    • lesotho

      There is no count on how many people there are in Africa? Are you Serious? There is no continent that has an exact count of its people but there are general numbers agreed upon through population census. Are you for real Freeky! Feeding one billion kids is the same as feeding kids that are starving a billion multiple times? I understand why you now think 50 is not ignorant, I guess birds of the same feather flock together.

      • Freekey

        Well in case you haven’t noticed, most countries in africa barely has a working government.

        I saw a documentary on this, no one can tell how many people there is in africa.
        Most families are very poor, farmers, that has 4-5 childrens and if someone dies its not exactly something they report.

        Yes, feeding people or kids in africa a billion times would work.

        Its just you that is some thirteen year old hiphop freak that loves lil wayne and hates 50 cent so why do i even bother 2 respond 2 your weak ass arguments.

  • REalduder

    Who gives a shit….someones gonna eat..that shits good enough for me.

    • http://www.xxlmag.com nuffsedd

      no ‘proper’ headcount is really done down here in the motherland. these ol folk done f’d us up real good..damn near eythang is politicised

  • http://XXLMAG.com Boiwonda

    Da fact is dat thy ar many peeps in africa who dnt hav anythng.wat 50 cent is doing it wll means alot 2 other people.n plz jc shtup if u dnt nw wat 2 sai.proud of u man keep it up,fuct harter,dis is nt abt music or beef beef beef its abt hlpng da poor.

  • http://XXLMAG.com Boiwonda

    Da fact is dat thy ar many peeps in africa who dnt hav anythng.wat 50 cent is doing it wll means alot 2 other people.n plz jc shtup if u dnt nw wat 2 sai.proud of u man keep it up,fuct harter,dis is nt abt music or beef beef beef its abt hlpng da poor.we tlk abt peoples lifes {harters}

  • Addy

    Thumbs up 50!

  • http://xxl Casey Sparxx

    I take my hat off to 50 cent for trying to help those in need, it take big gutts for someone of 50 cent’s back ground to go this route, most ppl with a back ground like 50 cent’s play for keeps..@ lesotho stand inline Nikka..

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  • London adworks

    Yes…50 Cent will ride the wave of publicity that this new energy drink will bring him and in turn maximise exposure of his new album, but the bottom line is this: it will do some good for starving children in Afica (whatever country they happen to reside in) and that’s the main thing isn’t it? Doing something is better than doing nothing, anyone disagree?