Young Jeezy Talks Rick Ross Beef, Promises New Album Soon

Days before his New York City show on Monday (July 25), Young Jeezy hit up New York radio station Hot 97 and premiered his latest song, “Shake Life,” for listeners.

“New York City, this is what I been telling you about,” he said, adding that he will reveal to concert-goers at his show next week the release date of his long-awaited fourth solo album,  Thug Motivation 103, . “[It's] sooner than you think,” he asserted.

The track samples Toto’s “Georgy Porgy” and finds Jeezy rhyming about enjoying life as he raps, “It’s gonna be alright/Keep them bottles coming, we gonna be here all night,” on the chorus in his staple raspy voice over the piano-laden production.

During his interview, Jeezy spoke to host Angie Martinez about the state of his career, confessing to feeling “stuck between a rock and hard place.”

“The streets is all I know,” he said. “I dropped out of middle school, but I made it here. That’s all I’m comfortable with and understand. Trying to be that and a superstar is not the same person. I got too many standards to live up to. When you a hood star is like, ‘why you doing that?’”

When asked about his beef with Rick Ross, Jeezy said things are at a standstill. “We can agree to disagree,” he said, “But if it’s a problem, I ain’t hard to find. I said what I said, I ain’t see no harm in that.”

He also took the opportunity to throw some heat at the oversized MC for being a former correctional officer, saying, “In my heart, I’m 100% real. You can’t pull out nothing in my past that can say I’m not 100% real. If you speak on it and that’s what you doing, just speaking on it, it’s entertainment. I’m not gonna argue with a grown man about me. That might put me in a box.”

“Can you coexist in the same place?” Martinez asked, to which YJ replied, “we’ll just have to see, honestly.”

On a lighter note, Jeezy also touched on his dating life, saying although he won’t settle down any time soon, he does hope to marry one day, and adding that R&B singer Kelly Rowland is his type.  ”I’m Mr. Motivation,” he joked about hooking up with the “Motivation” singer. “We can work that thing out for a super remix.”

Jeezy will be celebrating the six-year anniversary of his debut album, Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101, this Monday in New York City at a secret location. —Mariel Concepcion

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  • the sheenster


  • Sha

    Damn! The Jonas Brothers are about to ride on Justin Bieber….. I heard Katy Perry is about to drop some heat on Britney Spears…..

    You guys never heard about that? It’s because that ish doesn’t happen. Only in hip-hop. This is the most ignorant stuff I’ve heard for a while.

    This is exactly the type of stupid stuff hip-hop doesn’t need. Straight dumbness. Instead of bragging about how street you are, maybe you should be more embarrassed at your inability to grow emotionally. You sound like you’re still in Junior High. Maybe you don’t have to have a diploma but life is supposed to have taught you some level of maturity.

    Like Tribe said,

    “Sucka N*ggas”.

    • getone357

      nigga shit be going on in rock &roll and other music you feel me do you research bitch. get the fuck out of here with that pussy

  • texas t

    aint nobody checking for this bum ass nigga sleezy fake ass nigga claim crip but by his old name LIL J – THUG UNDER INFLUENCE he in all red haaa fake bmf towel boy hahahahahah

    nigga album gettin pushed back cuz he washed up….


    • getone357

      Getone nigga our prices low other here nigga its all who u know dope coming from all over united states dumb fuck not just texas kiiiiid white people bring that shit in on planes nigga all over if you really was a hustler you know that. Go chase ur dirty butts and read a fucking book better yet google that shit dumb ass poilce and fed moving work to the streets state to state dumb bitch and we got government controlling the moves.

  • $yk

    I thought Jeezy was y’alls homie?

  • calistreets

    2pac once said support the real and not the fake. Jeezy is a real nigga. We support you jeezy. You good on the west coast homie.

  • bug

    texas t you sound like a grade a dumbass… jeezy is real why do you think the streets embraced him when he first popped on the scene with the boyz n the hood you dont go to the hood and not hear not jeezy. and meech never co signed the bmf song if you took the time and read meechs letters he said the song was cool but never co signed it. jeezy has been down with bmf watch the bmf doc jeezy is in it you dont see ross. and to correct you this is what hip hop needs competition all these other lames resort to twitter to beef jeezy keeps his beef on wax like real emcees do keep it in hip hop not twitter

  • fukh83rs

    jeezy one of the few ril niggas in the game n yool h8in, cum on thats bullshit!!! u pussy ass h8ers cn go n pick up a gucci mane n soulja boy cd cz yall fake like them!!!!!!!!!

  • bylaw99

    We Team Jeezy over here, we dont fux with that imaginary rap..nigga cant go from college football player to corrections officer to drug kingpin. Either you did or you didnt just dont lie.

  • FlAboy

    @Texas t U Must Be Fake To Homie Cause U Pullin On A Fake A*s Nigga D**K….. LOL

    You Dont Get to Many Real Niggas Like Jeezy These Dayz Who Done Alot In These Steetz Boi

  • Dumb Real Niggas

    Niggas talk bout how real this nigga is, do yall know this nigga personally or something? Real drug niggas aint got time to be rappers, and they got more money than rap will give them, real drug nigga is in the FEDS for Life, when you a real drug boy the FEDS tell you aint nothing you can tell us we got you, if he was that much of street money nigga he’d be right in the same camp with Meech! He’s a fuckn gimmick and he done suckerd all you 8ball, track, lil girl, vick selling bums! This nigga aint real Gucci proofed that noodle knockd this nigga homeboy now you at peace with this nigga, thats what yall street niggas is doing nowdays??? The west coast support that??? Mad cause a college football playing, CO getting way more money than his real ass!!! Like you more real than a educated nigga cause you dumb enough to be a bum ass street nigga your whole life, catch a real bullet in your real face soft niggas, you First48 real niggas kill me!!!!

    • getone357

      you sound dumb as ur name dam dick face turtle listen the niggas mad moves nigga why flip birds when u can flip words jayz did it and now other rappers who did it is doing but u got to watch for the fake dog period and you boy rick ross is fake who is the real rick ross google that shit stupid his is fake period puffy made that money for him and use that nigga like he did bigger he hot now because of puffy 50 was killing him and puffy bitch ass save him

  • player4life

    The streets the streets, never get you anywhere in life.. it only gets you dreams… all this rap sh!@ is dreams. Please make sure you get in the real game… THE BUSINESS OF making money. REAL G’s MOVE IN Silence……HAHAHAAHHAA

  • http://xxl Diamondz

    what happened to hip hop it used to be about battling on the mic ( NOT Twitter) and it was about brining up the whole community.nowadays its about fake ass shit and shit you dont do and rappers talking shit about other rappers come on you got beef settle it on the mic with a freestyle battle not fucking sayig you gonna kill everybody.I get frusterated these rich ass niggas got it made cars clothes and hoes and you still cant pay your taxes and the irs come take all your shit and you doing dumb things to get locked up WTF make power moves bitches

  • greenlite616

    Who cares about how real one rapper is shit is ignorant why are so many people love somebody that brags about selling crack and destroying the black community

  • Chevy

    WOW!! It would be a ngga from TEXAS to hate.. NIgga the only thing hot in texas right now is the weather & the horse you rode in on.. Keep lil 84 wheel ridin ass in tx.. Jeezy been in these streetz lil dude.. You should respect the mans hustle.. Atleast the man talking what he know… When fat ass came out he was drug lord now the nigga pretty much makin r&b music… Jeezy still on that white shit.. & the nigga had MEECH on 1000 Grams mixtape.. (FREE MEECH BTW).. NIgga he good in the A.. FUCK TEXAS..

  • Que Rollo

    Fuck what ya’ll haters say! One was a c.o. who just straight up lied when the proof was there and the other one has been embraced in the streets. I’m just saying. Lol @ that Team Jeezy comment.

  • ERNurse

    Die hard Jeezy fan. Have been since day one. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and that’s all it will ever be. You can talk all the negative shit you want but at the end of the day this is a blog, we’re talking about and he doesn’t even care to know we exist! It’s only music. When dummies start doing something with their lives, they’ll give a fuck about the next person who’ll never know you.

  • http://yahoo marcel45

    At Dumb Real Niggas cuz it sound like you hatin jeezy and ti d reason ross gucci mane and all dese otha trap rappers rap d way they do. shid none of us know wat dis nigga did in his past bt he did help keep that real hip hop in d south meech said it himself jeezy is one of the realest niggas he met bc he aint locked up wit em dont mean he wasn’t out there doing god bless him wit somethin new to do wit his life and d man took it and made sumthin happen yall niggas need to stop hatin n get ur mind rite now wat it do wat d business iz

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