West Coast-bred rapper/producer Warren G dropped his debut album, Regulate...G-Funk Era, in 1994. Featuring his late homie Nate Dogg, G-Funk's lead-single "Regulate" went on to be a major hit and catapulted the album to selling over 3 million copies.

Over the last 20 years, Warren has released several solo albums, including Take a Look Over Your Shoulder, I Want It All, The Return of the Regulator, In the Mid-Nite Hour, and The G Files. He’s produced for the likes of 2Pac (“How Long Will They Mourn Me”), MC Breed (“Gotta Get Mine”) and Knoc-Turn’al (“What We Do”) and collaborated with a host of artists such as Mack 10, Raekwon, Snoop Dogg, Bishop Lamont, Ray J, Kurupt, Tha Eastsidaz, El DeBarge, Ron Isley, just to name a few.

Although Warren lost his most frequent collaborator, Nate Dogg, earlier this year due to complications of having two strokes in as many years, that hasn’t slowed his determination to keep producing hits. Warren G put out his dedication track to his fallen comrade, “This Is Dedicated to You,” featuring LaToiya Williams, and to the delight of many of his fans, has plans on releasing a Nate Dogg & Warren G EP, as well as other upcoming musical projects.

Warren G took time out of his busy schedule to talk to XXL about the new EP, the possibility of another 2.1.3. album, Regulate the G-Funk Era..Pt. 2, the vaulted material he has with Nate Dogg, and so much more.—Chad Kiser

On this upcoming Nate Dogg/Warren G EP, what can we expect from the project? Are you handling all the production?

Warren G: Yeah, on this I’m handling all of the production. Yeah, you know because it’s just like... all these motherfuckers can say they are down and say this and say that, but then when you reach out to them it’s a different story. So I just said to myself, rather than just sit up there and try and reach out to people I will just do it myself. Me and him made hit records anyway.

So, will Snoop, Daz, Dre, Butch — will any of those guys make the album?

On the EP it’s me, and Nate, Game and Bun B. I don’t want to mention the other cat’s names yet because they are confirmed, but they haven’t done their parts yet. So when they do their parts then, BOOM, they will be a part of it. But there are a lot of people coming in to be a part of the project. But you know it’s just an EP, not like it’s a full album. It’s showing love to the home boy and keeping his music up in the air and letting people hear unreleased music that we did that they keep asking for.

How many tracks are on the EP?

I was thinking of doing 6 to 8, but I’m only going to do 4.

Why the change?

Because it didn’t make sense to do that many or I might as well do a whole album. We are just going to give them a little touch of what I’m doing and what me and my homeboy did together as a crew.

Any plans for a full-length project down the road?

I’m doing Regulate the G-Funk Era part 2. That’s going to be my last project. Then I’m tying up my chucks. I’m taking off my chucks, tying them together and hanging them up on the wire. I’m doing straight production after that.

So, no more solo albums from Warren G?

Well, I’m going to do Regulate the G-Funk Era..Pt. 2, and then I may do something, maybe a part 3. If part 2 does as well as I think it is, I may do a three, but I’m not really trippin'. I’m thinking I’m just going to do part two and then I’m going to shut it down. Then just work with new artists, new young talent, because I know a few cats that I really want to work with. They know how to make good records; they know how to make songs. A lot of rappers can rap music, but they don’t know how to make a record. You can’t talk about rims and all this throwing up money, all that shit all the time. You got to touch on real shit sometimes. And Dre is an example of an artist that knows how to make a real record. And I hope you all let this nigga hear what I am saying about him. Send it to his people so he can understand and know that. He is an artist that knows how to make a good record, the Game is another. And a new cat, Kendrick Lamar. I heard some of his stuff and he knows how to make a good record. There’s a lot of artist that know how to make good records, but then you got a lot of motherfuckers that’s just doing shit just to do it. And stupid shit too. Ain’t nobody trying to upgrade the next generation; nobody’s trying to help their generation understand that it’s not all about big rims and this, that and this.

I’m going to go there on Regulate the G-Funk Era..Pt 2 because that’s what I do. The EP this is just real life, how we do it. But in Regulate G-Funk Era part 2, I’m going to really go into real life situations like, I have a song called “She blowing up my phone”. It’s like relationship shit that a young teen today is going through, you understand me? But I think a lot of new artist’s got to get into that, and especially a lot of old artists like myself need to start steering these guys in the right direction too because these motherfuckers nowadays is wild. They really wild and there ain’t no morals no more. Most people just doing any God damn thing. It’s time for us being older artists to step it up.

Considering you guys have so many joint classics, why hadn’t you and Nate done an official collaborative project before?

It was the label situations. Because this label and that label, say another artist had a song over here at this label they wanted to clear but they didn’t clear so they had to take it out on this project. That type of shit. When we did the 2-1-3, I was free, I wasn’t with no label but Nate was still connected with Elektra, and Snoop was still on Geffen. That kind of conflicted with our first single. All of a sudden, out of the blue, Interscope dropped it like it was hot on top of what we had. So it was just some crazy shit with these labels. But now motherfuckers can’t tell me shit. I’m a grown man.