Bill O'Reilly is going after hip-hop again.

O'Reilly's most recent gripe started when one of his Fox News co-workers, Laura Ingraham, said she felt Chris Brown has been "let off the hook" following the singer's assault of then girlfriend Rihanna back in 2009. Bill invited Ingraham on The O'Reilly Factor to speak her piece. In turn, 50 Cent decided to take to Twitter and express his frustration with the cable news network, writing, “I just saw a clip on FOX news Hating on NBC for having chris brown on unbelievable. I'm never watching that again. He paid for his mistake #!@%*#holes.” O'Reilly promptly invited both 50 and Breezy to appear on The Factor.

Though Fif humorously declined via Twitter, XXL can't help but wish he hadn't. O'Reilly has been baselessly crusading against hip-hop for years, launching verbal daggers at everyone from Ludacris to Snoop Dogg to Eminem, just to name a few. It would be great if 50, one of hip-hop's best spokesmen, stood up to the old hack. Here are six reasons why Fif should appear on The O'Reilly Factor.