Lloyd On Kreayshawn Using the N-Word [Video]

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  • http://baygame.blogspot.com DoogiMac

    She Doesn’t Use The N-Word. Ask Something Else

    • $yk


      What y’all should be asking is WHY she has to say it…where does it say that to be a rapper you have to use the word? And how do you know id she’s using it in a offensive manner or endearing manner? YOU DON’T.

      And if “where she’s from they use it” is acceptable, then if “where she’s from” they wore doodoo in their hair WOULD SHE DO THAT TOO?


    • joe p

      I’m a white kid from baltimore city I’m friends with many black and many white ppl. with that being said i say nigga whenever i want however not in a derogative way you know like ” this nigga said this” or this nigga trippin”. to black ppl i think the difference is the ER on the end i would never and won’t ever say that word … so if she said nigga i fell like that is except able who cares she is not using it to call someone out or make fun of any black person ? right ?

  • ila

    obviously they haven’t heard her songs she never uses nigga ever. that’s v nasty. people need to get their facts straight.

  • swag on a hundred trillion

    Kreayshawn doesn’t use the N-word.Thats V-nasty, a girl she runs with and she’s half thats why she says it. People need to listen to what others say closer.

  • The187Worm

    Kreayshawn is garbage..sesame street rap…fuck all yall

  • Truth

    That whore does use it. Fuck them lame white garbage mouth bitches.

    • OrDare

      show me where she says the n-word. I haven’t seen any evidence so far.

      • Da Reapa

        she said it on her twitter once…..xxl once had an article about it….she doesnt say it in her songs but she has said it before and apperntly apologized and claimed “everyone in the hood said it”

        • lilrizq

          Don’t know if yall notice but everyone on this thread is speaking english… A WHITE MAN’S LANGUAGE,lol. a white person can easily walk up to a black person like me and say that i’m acting white. yall butt hurt niggas give that word too much power over you, where i’m from that sh– don’t mean nothin no more. and V-Nasty is the 1 that uses the N word… typing a DMX quote on twitter don’t count.

  • Jaz

    v nasty is the one that uses the n word in her songs,and kreayshawn does not. BUT kreayshawn did openly defend using it, saying that “where im from everyone says it”. not picking a side just saying the facts

  • Jaz

    Rephrase. kreayshawn doesn’t use it as much and all ovr the place in songs like v nasty cuz i heard that kr. said it in some freestyles somewhere

  • bullshit

    She doesn’t say nigga. What a fucking retard. Check your facts first

  • nobullshithere

    thats right my nigga tell em how it is jus cause we say it doesnt mean u can… and whats wit dis niffa jaz sayin that she says where shes from everyone uses it. where she from mississipi where dey still hang us. if everyone sayin half of em not sayin it in a good way and by half i mean the whit half real talk

  • Hannya

    Dumb fucks can’t even get their facts straight. Nice job of reporting, assholes.

  • Half-ton

    She does say it… its in an interveiw then she defends using it….

  • deeznutz

    come on everybody before you get in the e-beef again this is VLADtv we’re talking about this dudes whole show is about starting shit between artists and rappers, plus the only reason that cracker gotta tv show is cuz he got punched in the mouth by ross and his crew and sued them like a lil bitch, so before you get to that kreayshawn bs think about that first, fuck vladtv and fuck that no djing skills ass motherfucker dj vlad ole white motherfucka! and fuck kreayshawn ole white wanna be rapping azz use the n-word around me bitch I dare ya!

  • joecock

    “why y’all lookin bitter? [she] be lookin better”

  • BullywitFullys

    I was surprise when I watch Mister Fab (from Oakland) gave that girl a pass to say that. And I use to support that brotha, now I can’t so, it’s like this I still rock with my Bay area rappers but I can’t rock everybody, for Kreayshawn I think she is dope, but you can’t be saying the n-word. Some how some way she got to get that n-word out her system. I understand being from C.A. that in the community everybody use the word, but when you start traveling to different regions across the country or even the world you just can not use that word. I remember a time when Shady (EM) use the word in his raps, (yes his raps). I still got that c.d. that the Source Magazine release some years ago, I was shock, but he said sorry about that, and I respect that. But for Kreayshawn as soon as she decides to go to New York or ATL and try to use the n-word all hell is going to break loose. And remember yall I know yes , lets blame the artist but its the record company fault to for condoning this behavior.

  • Iamwhite

    Nigga. Nigger. It’s just a word. Get over it.

    I don’t even have to scroll up the page and I see “retard”. Do you think mentally challenged people take offense to that? Let’s get serious, it’s 2011. Say WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT!