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  • Carla

    Kevin liles is a moron. Sean is the next generation of GAY!

  • Lionel

    What’s wrong with being gay Carla? I mean your ignorance is fine with me, you’ll just be something we show our children as the old lady stuck in her ignorant ways. Similar to racist old people now.

    Either way, I don’t necessarily agree with Kevin. But, Big Sean might make a few more hits and he might actually be the future.

    Big Sean btw is a really chill guy in person.

    • B_G

      “Big Sean btw is a really chill guy in person.”

      ^ #humblebrag

      how is casually mentioning you met big sean relevant? its not, regardless he’s an decent rapper who’s not “the next generation of hip-hop”

    • Sam I Am

      Lionel is just another idiot in a long line of buffoons. Comparing homosexuality to race diversification? Tontito pendejo.

    • Jumanji bushy saq

      I like big sean but its not because hes a chill dude. Lil Wayne, Lil B, shit, even Soulja Boy r chill, but it doesnt mean there not shitty lyracist. And dont compare race to homosexuality. Im not against homosexuality, but its not the same

  • DJ Blur

    Big Sean is a good writer & he is like a next generation Kanye.. except with a more annoying voice at times.

    • gagahput3ra

      Exactly. One thing i can’t stand about Big Sean is the whole ‘boiii’ ‘i do it’ or the latest one ‘bloop bloop’ adlibs that he make. I mean if anything he would made a very funny SNL episode.

  • Killer With A Really Big Dick


    Why are you defending the gays? Are you gay yourself? Pls tell us if you’re one of the guys who will fight women over the rights to a man’s cock, so we can know what box to put you in