What Will Lex Luger’s Collaboration With Tommy Hilfiger’s Son, Rich Hil Sound Like?

XXLMag.com recently broke the news that Tommy Hilfiger’s son, Rich Hil, signed to Warner Bros. Records.  The fashion mogul’s seed revealed he has a mixtape and an album in the works with in-demand producer, Lex Luger.

While that may come as a shock to some, XXL has been keeping tabs on Mr. Luger, and it doesn’t seem like dude ever turns down a job. Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, Jim Jones, Maino, Waka Flocka Flame, Juicy J, Smoke Dza and OJ the Juiceman are just a few of the MCs that have hocked a Luger.

But what will his collaboration with Young Hil sound like?

XXL wonders…

Maybe it’ll be hard hitting club banger, sort of like this…

Or maybe it’ll be more laid back, chill out music…

Will he go the emo route?…

Or possibly he’ll dig in the crates and loop up some classic soul samples…

Who are we kidding, we all know what it’s gonna sound like…

All we have to say is “Bow! Bow! Bow! Bow!”

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  • Dat Nigga

    The instrumental for “Rollin” was produced by Lil’ Lody not Lex Luger.

  • Me heaux!

    Satire Will get you every where…lol.

  • ticnitty706

    Who gives a fuck!!!!

    Is this where hip hop is going? Have we got this fucking soft? I remember when cats like him couldn’t even get a mention until proven themselves and getting some respect. Too many rappers and only a few truly pass the test or even should be taken seriously.

    • JCz978

      been reading the articles and comments on the articles for a straight year now and these are the truest words i’ve seen my man

    • http://www.bingbangbatabow.com SupportTheReal

      well there you have it… lol.

  • http://www.slavesnomore.com WeLoveMusic

    Im telling you there is a wave of new rappers being ushered in, ones who CAN REALLY RAP
    Big Krit, Kendrick Lamar, SlimmPusha to name a few. These new artist are going rebuild this genre from the ground up.
    All we want is something real, something we can feel …They can have this fake ass, Hollywood built, cloning ass music.
    We all know that’s not real, nothing on tv is real, nothing on the radio is real, nothing in these magazines is worth reading.
    We see these dudes and we laugh cause those who really kno what it is, can tell you
    they will all be running back underground in a hot second.. So enjoy what you’ve created! Those who really love music know where they can find it. We don’t care what they do, because we’re not listening anymore.

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