Consequence Calls Kanye West a Puppet Master [Video]

Watch as The Cons gets at Kanye again…

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  • bamerican

    Pretty tight clip, but Cons just seems bitter. No one cares if you feel slighted or slept on. You’re music is lame and you have no charisma. Quit bitching and put out some good music and get over it.

  • RealNigga

    I swear these rappers nowadays are females…….SMH…….do this nigga actually think we don’t see what he tryna do???? he tryna sell his music off of Kanye’s name…….hell even females don’t do this type of shit, I’ve never seen Kelly Rowland try to sell her music off of the strength of Beyonce….now Kanye’s a puppet master??? you know that makes you a dumb ass puppet, right????? hell any person with power control puppets, how else would you gain that power????

    • Los Angeles Angelz

      I AGREE, I CONCUR and I Fully Support Your Comment!!!! Dead On…..”"you know that makes you a dumb ass puppet, right????? hell any person with power control puppets, how else would you gain that power????”"”"


    This dude seems like a lil girl…I’m not the biggest Kanye fan and I’ve been listening to Cons since he’s been running with ATCQ…BUT this dude is really starting to look like he’s dying for attention…Stop crying and move the f^ck on son!!!!

  • kidnothing1

    Beanie and Cons need to make a group called “Bitch & Hate”

  • Bill

    I wish it was Consequence instead of Amy Winehouse…. shit, he could take the game with him too. Then all the outrageous dumb beef would be over and done with in hip hop and we can all go back to focusing on the music.

  • Shawty J

    Damn it, Cons move on! Trying to sell records off of Ye’s name just proves that you have no identity of your own and that you’re worthless without him.

  • D

    yep, he’s obviously tryna get some hype or whatever. Idc about his beef w/Kanye, it’s the public shit with QTip that better concern him! Them cats MADE you fam. Cousin or not, u not even heard of if not for Tribe puttin you on BRandL. bet

  • lanwuznthere

    Lookin at it from both sides behind the scenes Cons might’ve been somewhat influential to Kanye I mean he does show up in the writing credits in some of his albums. Lupe told him about conflict diamonds, Rhymefest was on the original Jesus walks so yea I could see it. To Kanye’s credit though I’m pretty sure he isn’t just goin around leechin on talent he’s creative by his own right.

  • miki

    that cons nicca shud listen to cant tell me nothing (if i had a billion doola) so he cant get a grip to art!!!!