Will Big Sean Sell More than Tyler, the Creator?

Big Sean’s debut album, Finally Famous, finally hit shelves yesterday (June 28), but before hitsdailydouble.com gives their first-week sales projections, XXLMag.com poses the question: Will Big Sean sell more than Tyler, the Creator?

Heads remember the Odd Future front man sold about 45,000 copies of his disc, Goblin, in his debut week, back in May.

One could argue that those sales were a direct reflection of several factors, but arguably the most important of them all was Tyler’s buzz. Before the CD came out, the hype surrounding Goblin was at an all time high. The video for his single, “Yonkers” had millions of views on YouTube, and OF had cosigns from Kanye West and Mos Def and were being courted by Diddy and Jay-Z (who took Tyler to eat some “good ass tacos”). Tyler and company had a breakthrough, career-defining performance on Jimmy Fallon and more headline-grabbing performances at SXSW and Coachella, as well as profiles in every music magazine on shelves.

Question is, does Big Sean’s buzz equal Tyler’s? While that might not be the fairest comparison, it is important to note that the West Coast rapper/producer’s LP came out on indie, XL Recordings, while Sean is on Def Jam—a label that is putting a considerable amount of money in marketing. Sean also has a No. 1 song, “My Last” with Chris Brown, on the Billboard Rap Charts, constant radio play and video play on BET and MTV and Sean has recently been playing sold out spot dates with appearances from his G.O.O.D. Music mentor Kanye West, as well as strong showings at Hot 97′s Summer Jam and the BET Awards.

So again, we pose the question: Will Big Sean’s Finally Famous sell more than Tyler, the Creator’s Goblin?

Time to place your bets.

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  • T


  • Z

    The cd dropped on the 28th.

  • Who’s gonna SUCK more?

    I might actually by this joint…..give it to a homeless dude to wipe his ass on.

    • Boiii

      Your an idiot, you mean “buy” not “by” and Big Sean is the shit while Tyler is a weirdo

      • shawdogg

        I mean, potentially. But you gotta remember:

        Big Sean = Commercial
        Tyler The Creator = as far as commercial as you can get.

        We shouldn’t be comparing their record sales anyway, we should be comparing the content of their albums. Record sales don’t tell much. Carter IV will go platinum, but it will be garbage compared to Goblin, and Bastard, and probably Finally Famous. Bad article

      • Mannn

        and its BOY and not BOIII. it was an obvious common typo.

      • you’re

        HAHAHA you’re making fun of someone for using the wrong word and you used your instead of you’re. i hate people like you

  • http://www.basementbatman.com Chief Willis

    Def Jam is obviously paying people to vote “yes” because there is no chance it sells more

    • nibs

      we’re comparing a dude with an internet buzz vs a dude with radio/bet/mtv buzz. big sean will sell like 100,000 minimum

  • Casey Durkin

    I illegally downloaded both. So, I am irrelevant. However, I got Finally Famous a week early, and I got Goblin a week late.

  • SWAG


    • Chris

      Well I’m a backpacker, and a skater and I bought both Tyler and Big Sean’s albums, so don’t say that people that really like music never buy it. Both albums are phenomenal, but Big Sean has a lot more support backing the promotion of his album, while Tyler and OF seemed to create all that hype themselves, which i’d say is a bit more impressive.

  • Smokey

    Sean will sell more for an obvious reason. His buzz has translated to people buying his songs. My last is a number one rap single, Tyler with all his buzz never had that. Tyler had buzz as a character, Sean has buzz as a rapper.

  • Valley Girls Love Me

    Big Sean will sell way more. Tyler has the type of people who don’t want you knowing what they are listening to, liking his music. The bad byches and cool kids will be bumping Sean’s sh!t because it is fun and is part of the Kanye SWAG BRAND. Plus Sean can actually rap. Perfect album for the summer. Tyler probably will start to sell more as school begins and kids need that deeper stuff for the bus ride and strolling between classes.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com taj mahal

    Big Sean has underground and mainstream buzz, while Tyler had mostly underground buzz and had shock factor. Big will sell more and that should be pretty obvious. I mean he was at the fuckin BET Awards.

  • D90

    apparently in 2days world being wack equals record sales… so since big sean is wacker than tyler the creator ima say that big sean sells more records… even tho idk any1 who really thinks hes nice… nd u young kids be eatin up that new skool swag bullshit

    • jimmmyjam


      • Tim

        I’m white and i think Goblin was pretty shitty.

      • Nilbog

        I’m pretty sure more “SUBUBAN WHITE KIDS” will buy a Big Sean album because he is on G.O.O.D Music and is on alot of songs with Kanye. Do a bit of thinking before you try to bash white people because no one wants to seem “counter culture” anymore. fucking nigger response to say suburban white kids want to be cool.

  • bug

    sean will out sell him for 1 reason..odd future fucking sucks

  • Queen

    Of course Sean will sell more. Is this a joke? Tyler sucks. Wack.com Sean has lyrical skill. Get hip.

  • Hello

    is that even a question?

  • Free Earl

    Big is the same old bullshit Tyler’s shit is new creative and sick ass fuck I mean just watch My Last and She wich vid is better. When MTV and BET play Tyler’s videos and he gets all the same airplay you can ask me then, but if your asking who will sell more first week sales doesnt really matter still wont make Big Sean a better rapper just another pop star.


    Big Sean is straight garbage as far as rhymes…BUT…in todays “market” you dont need to be gifted lyrically to sell, you just need to be marketable, and your lyrics need to be easy to understand. People dont like the rewind factor of rhymes anymore lol…every body likes kanye, the young kids like expensive fashion, and everyone around the board likes females,weed,alcohol, and the feeling of “i made it”. Big Sean is about all of that.

  • Kid Cashier

    Def jam always has numbers on first week sales… whether the buzz is there or not…. they’re giants in the biz and know what a number one means for future business deals… with that being said they will probably buy a lot of the cds themselves to secure atleast a number one(they probably don’t give a shit about outselling tyler either)and ship them back to other areas…

    What i’m saying has been done by major labels for a long time… its a really good business strategy and they lose little if any money in the process of buying a large stock of albums themselves… once they get that number one and high number of sales the sheep will follow and people will buy the album just to see what the big deal is about… then big seans prices for performing, interviews, collabo’s, merch, etc will all go up in prices cuz the label can use the sales figures to argue that the artist has a higher value…

    anyone who knows how a 360 deal or deals like it work, know that what i’m saying all makes sense when it comes to a label doing what it takes to get the bigger checks at the end of the day….

    but anyways i just wrote a fuckin essay… didn’t vote neither cuz i don’t give a fuck who sells more… its about the music.

  • Soulsmith

    Tyler the Creator sucks…..period. And you asking if Big Sean will sell more than him? Of course he will…smh.

    • shawdogg

      You’re an idiot. Jay Z, Pharrell, MOS DEF, and Kanye (whom Big Sean is signed under…in case you didnt read the article) have all praised Tyler for his production as well as his lyrics. Get a job

  • shawdogg

    I mean, potentially, I guess. But you gotta remember:

    Big Sean = Commercial
    Tyler The Creator = as far as commercial as you can get.

    We shouldn’t be comparing their record sales anyway, we should be comparing the content of their albums. Record sales don’t tell much. Carter IV will go platinum, but it will be garbage compared to Goblin, and Bastard, and probably Finally Famous. Bad article

  • basedgod

    im a big OF fan but big sean will sell more obviously, but they are two completely different rappers. So you cant compare their music. I like them both. But I would go to Odd Future Show over a Big Sean Concert anyday. Big Sean doesnt have the stage presence compared to Tyler and Wolf Gang.

    • heep hop

      big sean > tyler. nuff said hater.

      • shawdogg

        haha I agree with basedgod, heep hop “you’re just a faggot, shame on him”

  • MoJoJoJO

    Big Sean will sell more even though I like Finally Famous vol.3 better than the album, I like the Golf Wang but they aint fucking wit B.I.G. Sean Don

  • yeah

    Big sean will get more sales from the black community because they dont think he is not considered a weirdo and that makes me sad. I like them both and there both good, but i guess i I have a different view on rap than others

  • M.I.S.C

    all of you seemed to have overlooked the obvious: which is that tyler IS ON AN INDEPENDENT LABEL (XL recordings), AND BIG SEAN IS ON A MAJOR LABEL (def jam). sean has much bigger money backing him than tyler does.

    stupid article. websites aren’t supposed to troll.


    Big sean is WACK!

    • Lil money

      Suck A Dick if You Sayn Sean Wack

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Ch*l*z

    75k – 80K………1st week!

  • kennymac

    Im from Detroit and big sean will win but tyler the creator is also good and neither one of these rappers are comercial. you don’t listen to their music if you think they are people should listen to the music before you speak on it. tyler has da weirdo factor and sean has the “i hope i make it big” group because of where he comes from and personally i believe to go with publicity sean has a better delivery aand better metaphors than tyler but tyler has the fuck everything personality which makes people buy his album so i bought both and seans is better i wonder gets the most sells i general

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  • Lil money

    Duhh HE From detroit Bitch He Doit Boii Way Better Than Tyler

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