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  • NaS

    You what up my niggs.
    This is Nasty NASir Escobar here.
    Wanted to give XXL the exclusive news. I actually changed my mind again about the album title. Instead of releasing the album as planned I would like to take this opportunity to announce my long overdue retirement from making terrible music. I will be making no more public appearances except for an exclusive interview to Al Jezera. I make no appology’s for being a complete douche. Just for the record I was planning on calling the album “waste of money” but I was informed by my gay lover that if I called it that it could easily be confused with any of the other albums that I had already made.
    Peace out.1.

    • Jeezy

      Get a life!

      • NaS

        No Jeezy I take offence to you tellin’ me to get a life. I’m black and you have a different opinion to me so you must be racist.
        And because I’m gay and you have a different opinion you must hate all gay people. I really must take offence and what you said because I’m so sensitive and attention seeking that I must take offence to everything that anybody other than me ever says but I should be free to say all the dumb stupid shit that I can to desperately try to hurt or offend those who do not share my misinformed and misguided view of the world.
        Yours NaS.

  • Poppa

    Fuck off prick.

  • gemini

    you lozin it bro/sis NAS