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  • Jason

    I like how Tech N9ne BOB and Hopsin dissed Odd Future and needed to as a team but about 2 months before that Hopsin got molested by Novi Novak 2 disses in a row then Hopsin admitted he lost. Then goes and starts dissing more people? Internet rappers man smh

    • ash

      hopsin lost? hahahaha no….

    • Rob

      What are you smoking! Novi said the same things over … so what he was on that so raven … does it matter NO… and i dont think i see novi in the freshman class now do i NOOOOPE

  • T

    Jason is an idiot. Am I A Psycho is not a fucking Odd Future diss. Doesn’t even SEEM like one.

  • Phil

    Both of you are idiots and may possibly sleep with one another on some “Hey, I hate you. Let’s have sex” type shit.

    • thinker

      u win

  • MJ

    BOB was the only one who said shit about OFWGKTA. Hopsin and Tech never said shit

    • NazzTNizzle

      Hopsin dissed OFWGKTA in Ill Mind Of Hopsin 4, get your facts straight buddy.

  • jaydasource

    hopsin didnt lose! lol

  • brandon thonre

    wow hopsin killed novi in his diss songs novi never had a chance haha wow jason u need to study ur music buddy

  • anonymous

    Hopsin won the battle…

  • Jonathan

    wwooooooww, Hop never even admitted to losing to novak,, bKuz novak is a chump, aint that y no one has heard from him in how long?,, and y he is not even on the Freshmen list?,,, dang Jason,,, slap yaself

  • swag

    hop is dope no lying but in this odd future dis he loses for two reasons one because he’s an internet rapper going mainstream (hence all u dick riders) and second odd future never replies to a diss in their songs in many interviews they ask tyler why he doesn’t take shots back and he basically says it’s not worth it. so even if this was a legit beef hopsin would be outta his league not just with tyler but the whole OF rappers

  • swag

    btw the freshmen class is fucking wack an you should be ashamed for even bringing that shit up i mean come on MGK was on that list and he FUCKING suck