Lupe Fiasco Says Obama is the ‘Biggest Terrorist’

While speaking about his politically-charged single, “Words I Never Said,” off his latest album Lasers during a recent interview with CBS News, Lupe Fiasco openly criticized President Obama, calling him the “biggest terrorist.”

“I’m trying to fight the terrorism that’s causing the other forms of terrorism,” the Chicago-born artist said about the single’s politically-charged lyrics. “The root cause of the terrorism is the stuff that you as a government allow to happen and the foreign policies that we have in place in different countries that inspire people to become terrorists.”

The track, which features hook-phenom Skylar Grey, addresses the ongoing war on terrorism and its effects on American youth. “Gaza Strip was gettin’ bombed/Obama didn’t say shit/That’s why I ain’t vote for ’em/Next one either, I’m a part of the problem/The problem is I’m peaceful…” Fiasco raps.

The outspoken and socially-conscious MC also made it clear that he doesn’t vote because he thinks it “meaningless.” And when questioned about what he thinks if no one voted he responded, “Who knows. Let’s try it out.” —Amber McKynzie

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  • mav

    two words…controversy sells…

  • Chucky

    Love Lupe, think his opinion is a bit ott here though

  • bingo

    Thanks god somebody has guts 2 say right. What Obama does is worst than BUSH, becouse he is likeble and public kinda trust him more and check him less. LUPE FIASCO IS JUST VERY BRAVE INDIVIDUAL

  • P. Maese

    Too many Obama-Lovers to get away with that statement

  • Jerry

    ooo didn’t realize lupe was a middle eastern scholar


    Great job Lupe..Fuck OBAMA, and Clinton and Bush, every president except for JFK..Fuck them ALL. America is the BIGGEST terrorist, known to world history..

    • Mike4282

      Hmmmm. And YET, if you had the balls to say that about any counrty on their soils such as China, Israel, the Middle East,Russia,etc. you WILL either get shot or beaten or fingers cut off!!!!! But thats ok since America’s the BIGGEST TERRORIST in the world. Where one can say whatever they like without being shot know what I mean. GOD BLESS this beautiful country.

  • Sha

    You know what? All of these Lupe statements are chocked full of nutty bullsh*t.

    First of all, this country has a lot of imperfections. A lot! But trust your holy soul on this one…..NONE OF YOU CATS WOULD LIVE ON EQUAL STATUS IN ANY OTHER COUNTRY! As a matter of fact, Lupe would probably be getting waterboarded or having his toenails removed with plyers if he said the same stuff about a president or dictator in another country.

    I don’t fault anyone for having an opinion about another individual. But if you’re going at this President, Bush, Regan or any of them, pepper your statement with ways YOU can make the country better. With everything that our families and ancestors died for, we have a responsibility to offer solutions instead of straight attacking. Maybe Lupe should hook up with Sean Penn and get a humanitarian perspective. Anything to improve that sh*tty attitude he’s showing.


    So maybe he’s feeling a little personal hurt from Osama getting a facial from that bullet. I get it. Death is death.

    But while he’s poppin’ champagne and crying about almost committing suicide because of the way the record company treated him, I wonder if he’s even capable of realizing that the average muslim is HAPPY that Osama is gone.

    Lupe needs a dose of reality. Drop his ass in Afghanistan and see how much “The Show Goes On”. These arrogant assed superstars kill me.

    • sam harris

      Any other country lol how ignorant are you, canada and the majourity of euroupe has greater class equality then the united states and those countries didnt racially profile and torutre people for being muslim

      • Sha

        @sam harris…..

        Dude, you’re funny! You call me ignorant and you spell the words “majority” as MAJOURITY and “europe” as EUROUPE and “torture” as TORUTRE???????

        Get a book dude.

    • Mike4282

      Thankyou, thank you. America is imperfect, BUT I rather live here than anywhere esle. YES, drop Lupe’s dumbass in Taliban territory. He’ll squeal for the “Red White And Blue” to come get his emo ass. I respect his opinion, but GOD DAMNMIT Lupe….until you get invovle to try a make a change…SHUT DA FUCK UP and just get your money.

    • $yk

      just because dude misspelled words doesn’t make him ignorant Sha…and just because Lupe is a Muslim doesn’t mean he should grouped in with all anti-Muslim sentiment…

      “But trust your holy soul on this one…..NONE OF YOU CATS WOULD LIVE ON EQUAL STATUS IN ANY OTHER COUNTRY!”

      ^ prove that because there are dudes on here from the UK, Australia, Canada & NZ and other places who live different lives than we do in America and could beg to differ. We only know what our news programs and books say, and not how it really goes down in these places.

      Your comment came off no better than Lupe’s statement (which I don’t fully agree with) fam, and that’s not a diss, it’s an observation.

      Avenger XL, alderman j, Shawty whaddup peoples?

      • Mingtian

        Sha’s comment was spot on actually. I think what he meant is that Lupe wouldn’t get as good of a deal in any non-western country(Oz and NZ included). only Western countries would allow him to be like this.

  • jayjayjj50

    Was he around in 2000. That election was decided by a couple hundred of votes. Yet he thinks its meaningless. 40% of the public does not vote, do they know the impact they can have on a election. People who dont vote think they are being so cool and rebellious, when they are really just acting stupid.

    • 619

      Were you around for the 2000 election because if you were you might remember the peoples vote didn’t mean shit. The person the people elected didn’t win, or maybe you’re the one who forgot.

      • ROBD916

        maybe you forgot that we live in a republic and not a democracy, or maybe you dont know the difference…

        • 619

          So that allows the government to overrule the voting process huh? Why respond with some shit that has nothin to do with what we’re speakin on?


    I am not a super Obama fan but Lupe fiasco is a idiot. I am tired of prison middle-eastern scholars and all of these chumps jumping up with simple black and white views to complex social issues.

    The middle east suffers from the effects of outside interference and internal conflict. The main prize that even makes its relevant in the eyes of the industrialized world is oil of course and the oil doesn’t enrich the people of the lands it only enriches the monarchy who is in the bed with other countries for their own benefit. Extremism is easy to spread when you have that level of poverty/overall inequality. If you have nothing to live for you will find something to die for. Then the U.S. backs isreal based on racism,biblical propaganda and a need to have a base of operation that shares something with western society i.e. religion, you all know the bible thumpers in the states would swear the world was ending if justice any fair peace accord came out of appartied like isreal/palastine conflict.

    All that being said and that doesn’t even do the complex nature of the issues in the middle east justice but some how a d bag like lupe chooses to supress the black vote or disenfranchise the youth further by attacking the president as if Obama can really do anything with repub, tea baggers and weak libs on his back. Now he has the fly by night philospher giving his wooden nickle thoughts

  • Lulu

    Lupe says Obama is a terrorist put does not get involved in politics or vote. Thinking your president is a terrorist should be a BIG reason to get involved in politics. If he really feels this way then he should do something about it, and yet all he does is complain from the sidelines. Lupe is a hypocrite of the biggest kind.

    • JugularKill

      I agree.

      Calling Obama a terrorist is going to help? how, it’s just infecting the fans who follow you with more misunderstood ignorance.

      Rather than call Obama a terrorist he should explain what he did wrong and how “we as people” can get involved to make a change.

      But no this pussy doesn’t even vote let alone protest, & he has the most childish opinions.

      You have people like NAS who gets involved in protest and speaks his mind to help situations rather than belittle them,….I respect that even though I don’t agree with everything Nas believes in.

      Lupe is an attention seeking whore. Just because he doesn’t rap about guns and drugs doesn’t mean he’s not an ignorant rapper he’s not on the same intellect as Kweli, common, Jay etc….I rate Lupe on the level of 50 Cent … tough even 50 cent has some common sense to retract his political comments he made as mistakes.

  • Shone Jones

    Yet, he wanted Hillary Clinton to win the election.

    This clown holds no weight. He’s becoming gimmicky. s

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    Words I Never Said
    word Lupe Fiasco word
    Words I Never Said

  • mav

    i see most of yall feel the same way i do the statement is sayin way more than he can prove

  • Leroy Love

    I think Lupe trying to get an endorsement from the Tea Party. How else would you explain his comments. I guess he feels more Americans should have died on 9/11. These self taught intellectuals amuse me. Hopefully he at least has a 6th grade education so he can verify that he IS smarter than a…you know…lol@ another dumb ass rapper who gets heard from putting out two and a half hits.


      Clearly you are as IGNORANT as Fruity Lupe.


    Some people will do or say anything to sell records. Fuck Lupe… I hope you dont sell 1 copy of you garbage ass music you wack ass rapper you. And the great thing about it is we live in a country where you are free to say any dumb ass idea that comes to your head. You thought your career was on life support before I hope evrybody boycotts your wack ass. Go sell your whack ass music on the Gaza strip loser!

  • Shawty J

    I like Lupe, I think he’s a very talented individual, I’m definitely a fan. I’m not a big fan of politics, I voted for Obama, but I’m not exactly an Obama dick-rider; I’m more moderate than the president and there are definitely some issues I disagree with him on. That being said I think Lupe’s comments are ridiculous and weren’t thought through at all.
    Lupe’s basing this on the fact that terrorist cells are created as a result of U.S. foreign policy. True, the terrorist most certainly have a bone to pick with the U.S., but these terrorist don’t speak for their nation, and aren’t exclusively created due to outrage at the United States. Lupe’s statement here is almost sympathetic with the terrorist alleging that the U.S. is responsible for the actions of terrorists. Ridiculous, that would be like me getting fired, robbing a bank and telling the judge it was my bosses fault. Is this brother seriously holding Obama responsible for terrorist organizations that were in operation and being pursued by the U.S. before Obama got into office?
    Besides, how has Obama’s foreign policy really affected the Middle East, the bulk of his work there was finishing up operations started by the previous administration. True we could mention that Libyan airstrikes, but that was technically in North Africa, and NATO ended up taking over the operation.
    If we really want an example of his ignorance let’s look at his lyric “Gaza strip was getting bombed, Obama didn’t say shit/ that’s why I didn’t vote for him…” The Gaza strip bombings occurred after the election, so that couldn’t have been a factor. The bombings ended before the inauguration, so by the time Obama was in position to do anything the conflict was dying down. The U.S. would later put up the money to help reconstruct the area, so it’s not like Obama didn’t do shit.
    Lu’s definitely just looking for attention here. His politics aren’t worth listening to unless he can provide real facts and real examples.

  • Tony

    And these idiots attacking Lupe… YAll sound super retarded. This nigga is telling you the truth but because you have have Obama’s dick so far down your throat you throw stones at the nigga who is telling you the truth. Stop it. You sound ridiculous. I knew this nigga (Obama) was working for the same people when he got into office and didnt say nothing about repealing the Patriot Act (which just got reinstated for 4 years thanks to your Congress and Obama).

    STop living in your fantasy world. Your vote does not matter. The election has been bought and paid for, we are just going through the formalities….

  • Tony

    REal facts and real examples for Shawty J…… Continues use of illegal unmaned drones in Pakistan (which will momentarily be used in the US), Expansion of the Patriot Act ( a law that liberals cried bloody murder about when Bush jr was in office but are eerily silent now that the chosen one holds the presidency) and the continued use of secret prisons abroad (Guantanamo) and potentially domestically (that prison that the gvt bought in Illinois that was supposed to “replace” Guantanamo). Wake up, stop being so goddamned naive. This ignorance has to stop

  • Tony

    To all the bamas talking about this is the best country in the world…. Yall have obviously never been outside of this country. You sound ignorant as fuck. Your argument is basically “This is the best country in the world, so dont criticize it because we could be China”… Correction this WAS the best country in the world, but I would put any country with a decent healthcare and education system lightyears ahead of our increasingly sicker and dumber nation.

  • TheVenusProject

    lupe is the only modern hiphop artist to push ‘conscious’ music over the radios. thank you for that.

    zeitgeist. the movement.

    make it possible.

  • Ch*l*z



  • DNN

    And, Prodigy of Mobb Deep is supporting Ron Paul in running for president in 2012.

    • Paul

      Well that just proves the obvious… That Prodigy is a fuckin DUMBASS TOO… HIS MUSIC IS MEDIOCRE… And he clearly has no sense of what’s going on in the world… Ron Paul??? Really???

  • No Name

    Really, Lu? You don’t have to be an Obama lover to realize how flat out retarded that is. Has he been living under a rock for the last presidency or even the last days of the Reagan Era. SMFH…

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    thats his opinion…who gives a shit?

  • alderman j

    This nigga JUST a rapper, ya hear me,

  • alderman j

    He dont know what the hell he talking about, to someone that keeps up with politics and world news, i aint never understood what he talking bout in the song, it doesnt match whats really going on. And i give OBAMA A C+ so far, but yall dont need to be listening to LUPE fiasco for political views, because he is either misinformed or skewing the facts!!!!

  • Face Phoenix

    Were the founding fathers not terrorists? The Boston Tea Party was a terrorist act. What makes a terrorist is the one standing up and in power at the end. One man’s terrorist is another man’s patriot. History is decided by the victors of wars. You lose you’re a terrorists aka the bad guys but if you win you’re the heroes, the patriots. In the end these situations are about money and power just as the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery and was all about fears of big government and state’s rights in the 19th century. The war on terrorism is really the war for natural resources and who controls them. Libya, Iraq & Afghanistan are all major oil producing countries that have no ace up their sleeve to threatened the west. Meanwhile Iran and North Korea are countries the west knows not to play with too rough because they have nuclear capabilities or on the road to such. The bottom line is that these policies and politics have been going on for centuries (ex. Crusades, Conquistadors) – it’s the same story The ones in power find excuses to seduce their citizens into the conflicts by acting like these actions are moral decisions when they are all about money – the forever underlying motive. So is Obama a terrorist – yes but, what other nations or world leaders are any less guilty?

  • Diamondz

    lupe fiasco is a fucking idiot i dont give a shit about obama but i think lupe sucks i dont like his music and if you are one of those idiots that is always complaining about our president than finish school get a degree and run for president and we will see how much better you will do fucking morons

  • Nigga Black

    This loser is so fuckin IGNORANT!

  • theanonymousdude

    I’m not sure about the gaza strip, I need to do my research, but the American government are corrupt. Gaddafi’s building was airstriked, gaddafi escaped but three innocent grand- children and gaddafi’s son was killed. That’s four lives ended of innocent people. Was anybody arrested or held trial? Nope.

  • Vic

    I love how rich people like Lupe Fiasco criticizes the US on how corrupt we are but at the same time people like him turn a huge profit from making music about violence and get rich on that same “corrupt” system we call capitalism. There is no other country in the world where someone from the ghetto or from a third world country can come to and be rich. Why do you think all the celebs come to the US to make music and movies? It’s because they don’t make much in their own country. You see all these celebs point the finger and say the rich (but of course not them) should pay higher taxes. They love the liberal economics because if you haven’t noticed yet but every single one of them has a non-profit. They funnel all their money through this non-profit and get government funding. Also when they do these so called charity work they really bill their non-profit and write off what they could’ve made. So they win both ways. So next time you see a celeb that talks about the enviroment or how the “rich” should be paying taxes and universal healthcare, please take it with a grain of salt. If they really cared they wouldn’t mind donating their paycheck to a real charity. Or actually help out their community. I’m not saying that there aren’t people who really care, but the celebs saw what happened to the last person that helped out all the people from his neighborhood. Employing 200 people from where he grew up and he went bankrupt. Yes MC Hammer did that and it didn’t work. So I say to Lupe Fiasco why don’t you try going to the middle east and see how you hold up there with your big mouth. Open a book and realize the world isn’t a nice place. If we can’t get the blood and crips to get a long or Northern Mexicans to get along with the Southerners how do you expect to get two mortal enemies that have hated each other since the beginning of time to get along? Let keep it real Lupe, you know nothing about foreign policy nor do you know about what it takes to keep the peace. You just read your liberal handbook that was given to you when you joined the mainstream world.

  • Paul

    LUPE FIASCO IS A FUCKIN MORON… HE SHOULD SHUT HIS MOUTH… TALKING ABOUT SHIT HE CLEARLY KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT.. I guarantee you if lupe had to run this country right now the United States would go to hell as we know it… FUCKIN DUMBASS.. HE JUST LOST ME AS A FAN..

  • Danny

    People are dying because of politics yet you guys are still talking about this Rapper not voting why don`t you guys visit Iraq Afghanistan innocents getting killed by US bombs no but America just rather sit on their couch and criticize right? This is exactly what he is talking about. You want to really make a difference vote for yourself instead of complaining about how the Economy is when all you have to do is look in the mirror. I wonder why America bombed the biggest News/Media building in Afghanistan??? Hmmmm I deserve to know where my tax goes but its all justice if we kill in the name of War right?