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  • mike

    f**k lil b

  • T

    The biggest fucking gimmick that ever lived. Anyone who listens to this “man” is an idiot.

  • $yk


    dude went and jacked Marvin Gaye’s ‘I Want You’ cover.

    • Zzz

      the marvin gaye cover is a million time better

  • whochrisjones245

    xxl yall deffffffffinitely coulda left that man off the 2011 freshman cover. hes wack as a motherfucker, aint even hatin cuz the shit is mad true.

  • http://xxlmag oieoof89

    yea this guy blows

  • $yk

    it’s clever though…

    is Lil B the “pretty b^tch” in all 3 pictures?

  • PAT

    tha fact that anyone could posobly like this is bullshit and the further defimation of real music

  • http://xxl Casey Sparxx

    Got your attention though!!

  • nick

    People who think Lil B is a joke need to give his music another listen. Lil B IS a joke in his own world because hes joking all of you and everyone in the rap community. To an outsider, mainstream rap is full of stupidity and low morale. It influences keeping communities full of drugs, spending huge amounts of money on retarded shit like jewlery and cars, and other community destroying themes. Lil B’s first songs had those same messages, but to the extremes because he was satirizing the entire thing. He was joking ALL of you and you didn’t even realize it. I feel sorry for the type of people who listen to Ace Hood or other people like that and actually look up to that bullshit. The only places you will go in life is jail and the welfare line. Listen to Lil B, learn to laugh at yourself and go to fucking school. Lil B is the based GOD for a reason.