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  • Steven

    Minus that messy ass shirt, 15 years later, dude still looks about the same.

  • bob

    amazing how he was fucking up his verse and performing for a small crowd and turned into what he is today

  • Bob

    This is why i don’t get all the illuminati talk, he started from nothing like everybody, used his drug money and kareem biggs drug money to launch rocafella and record his album. His rise took 15 years.

  • tony tone

    jay z is maddd overrated i don’t know why pple like to ride on his d1ck why don’t listen to real music like nas,em,biggie and scarface instead of listening to this piece of trash

    • kidnothing1

      You apparently haven’t payed enough attention to his lyrics, he’s on Em’s level and surpassed Nas and Biggie like 2 cds ago. Read the meaning of ANY song that was listed in decoded

  • Chuks

    Jay Z is a good rapper and he has been for a very long time,but there is something i realy want to know about him,his he afraid of @pac,if 2pac was alife will he have still been in limelight.08061358232 Master Chuks from Nigeria

  • Fireforreal

    Chuks are you really Jaz-O ? you sond angry like he stole your gilr or blew up and you didn’t. I admit all of Jay’s shit ain’t claassic but he put in enough solid work over the last 15 to get the respect he deserves. Like he said niggas wake up on my dick eat some breakfast first Chuk lol

  • wa_stateofmind

    @Fireforreal Chuk doesn’t sound mad in his post what so ever. #tryharder