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  • Gavo704

    Dude is a str8 comedy battle rapper…

    Watch the Battle vs Ness….put the comedy aside and take his raps for what they worth…LAME. Ness ate this dude!! He funny and unique @ the end of the day…but truth be told, he wont sell in the industry until he can prove he can make a serious SONG with substance!!

    • El Tico Loco

      Because all the songs out now have substance? gtfoh


    Gets your facts straight, solomon murdered ness.

    • Gavo704

      UHHHHHH No he didnt. Murdered is a strong word sir. lol Freeway was murdered by Cassidy (CAREER ENDER) 50 Murdered Ja Rule (CAREER ENDER)

      Please rewatch the battle. Battles arent about how many laughs you get. And when 70% of your raps are about Making the Band…you def get old.

      So no he didnt murder him. I watched the battle several times…i laughed and everything…but he is a *PUNCH LINE* rapper…he doesnt even flow…

  • I want to be like this guy

    Check out ‘Smashing Skit” by iBar

    All you hiphop fans are going to want to see this!

  • iron


  • boi

    iron solomon is a fuckin beast , he’s about to blow up this year!! freshman class for sure

  • solomon

    love this kid! great to see him on the come up

  • lack of logik

    umm sir yes laughs and being a punchline rapper does win battles.. its part of the foundation… crowd reaction is how many battles are decided its presentation substance dissess and responce. murdered ness? no! won definetly he did. battles isnt supposed to be pretty but its supposed to be a fight with words. solomon is a beast, annoying but a beast none the less.

  • Derka

    Iron Solomon should start battling in Grindtime or KOTD… thats what everyone really wants to see.