Bust-A-Cap: Lil Wayne Parties With Dirk Nowitzki

It’s no secret that Lil Wayne is an avid sports fan. Word is Weezy has been traveling back and forth between Miami (where he now resides) and Dallas throughout the NBA Finals. As most of you know, the Mavericks closed out the Miami Heat in Game 6 of the NBA Finals with a 105-95 win last night (June 12). During an interview with NBA TV, stuntastic Mavs owner Mark Cuban hinted that he’d be partying like a rap star in celebration of the first championship in his team’s history. He apparently made good on his promise. Photos of Cuban, Dirk, Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, Lil Twist, and other Mavs players doing it up at LIV nightclub at the Fointainebleau Miami Beach Hotel surfaced this morning. We have an idea or three on how to caption the following photos, but we decided to let XXL‘s users give it a shot. Leave your best caption in the comments.

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  • MarcusZ

    6 foot, 7 foot, MVP

  • D90

    im not surprised him lil twist nd trey songz jumped off that heat bandwagon

    • Peterson12

      I don’t know about Trey Songz but Twist been down with the Mavs even before they made it to the finals.

      • Jay

        Twist frm Dallas anyway…”Texas Twist” when he was really young

  • Storm

    See what happens when the heat don’t fuck with me, I seen my reenf orcement, plus I keep heat thats the reason I’m a Maverick!!!!!! Young Money

  • AC Says 10%

    I Told Baby To Bet On This Guy!!

  • KAseventyseven

    lil wayne is the BIGGEST fair weather fan i have ever seen

    • RJCEp!dIp

      oh please.. like you wouldnt wanna go party with the NBA champs right after they won in your city… gimme a break!

      • KAseventyseven

        hahaha yeah you’re right i would…Im a bitter steelers fan thinking about when he jumped on the green bay bandwagon i wont lie

      • http://TheRegime antonietta

        Hardcore Heat fan, FUCK DA MAVERICKS.. We’ll be back next year!

  • brezzybaby

    lil wayne always said he wasnt a miami he fan….geuse he proved it

  • BIG ed

    even weezy knows a champ when he see one ..whooo triple D stand the fuk up for yall haters SUCK MY DIRK

  • Yo

    Wayne was never a heat fan, He’s A Lakers fan. He a fan of All sports.

  • iamlegend100


  • Me

    This is the white guy that won MVP!

  • http://twitter.com/tmoneythegr8 terrence

    this must be the third lil wayne article you guys have posted so far today. like what is this, ride lil wayne’s dick day?

  • 360

    @Marcus Z…clever, u win. Charles Barkley said it best, “Lebron is not a killer like Michael was, ya’ll (the media) made him believe he is as good as MJ.

  • pat

    Lil twist has always been a Mavs fan he is from Texas

  • tbfanss




  • Jay

    thats what’s good….it was about that time for the mavericks to shine and get theirs…that’s what’s up lil Wayne showing love….it’s all good heat will be contenders for seasons to come if James can close out 4th quarters better cuz no doubt wayne has game.