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  • Devon

    Never liked KRIT. Performance is weak too. I’m more about Cudi, Meek Millz n Novi Novak

  • Devon

    Never liked KRIT. Performance is weak too. I’m more about Cudi, Novi Novak n Meek Millz

  • NevaBeenAHata

    Devon; you are a flat foot hater.. Nobody asked your dumb ass who you liked. This Video is about K.R.I.T, if you didnt like K.R.I.T why would you view the video? At least K.R.I.T is on the grind trying to get his, instead of your dumb ass sitting at home being a hater. At least people know the name K.R.I.T. who the hell are you? That’s the problem with our people we are the first ones to put each other down. Instead of promoting him and saying even though I might not agree with his music, i respect your hustle. BIG K.R.I.T keep doing your thang, Return of 4Eva is the hardest mixtape out right now…The south has got your back!!!!

  • Austin

    Big KRIT is the future,
    devon likes men

  • Murz

    I agree Return of 4Eva is the best mixtape this year. It could have easily been an album. His beats reminds me of a southern Kanye west.

  • Dmo

    Big K.R.I.T. is on the next level of rap. Tells it how it is but keeps it real G.

  • R-Mega

    Ayo Devon – who really gives a fuck bout how ya feel n’ who you like… not Us, ya mama, ya baby mama, or ya boyfriend. Get ya shit 2gthr, hatin on K.R.I.T. has ya Billy Buttaches simple self ever even listened to Return of 4Eva ?- the shit is really more than another rappers mixtape, cosign Murz it could’ve been an album. Keep doing ya’thang K.R.I.T. we bumpin ya’shit blades on chop like UGK all day in da middle of the map player.