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  • pirr

    Nobody is going to buy Dre’s goddamn album if he doesn’t release it soon.


    Your comment couldnt be further from the truth. Dre releases shit, people buy it. It goes platinum.Truth

  • Sha


    Normally I ride with most of what you spit. But on this one? I think you’re off….

    Dr. Dre of old would be crushing off of sheer anticipation for any product he was dropping. But looking at what the first single did on the charts (compared to Dr. Dre of old), he took a big “L”.

    Throwing Eminem on every track is not a guaranteed success, for one. For two, hiring a lot of producers to come into your company to produce and then adding one snare after they finish the product IS NOT PRODUCING! I think Diddy proved that one.

    Lastly, you have to keep touch with the streets. Dr. Dre is busy selling headphones and cadillacs. The artists that signed to his label promptly left (for inactivity or no shine, take your pick).

    Dr. Dre only cares about his legacy now. And it’s a huge legacy. I commend him on that one. But as “pirr” put it, he’s not going to sell 200k if he doesn’t stop with the cat and mouse ish.