The Office: Live from the Cubes

Feeling nostalgic? Each week XXL‘s staffers bring you a throwback playlist to help you get through the week. See what we’re bumping around the office…

“I’ve been bumping this on repeat lately. I’m a huge Native Tongue fan but for some reason I love when Dre says, ‘Just another muthafuckin’ day for Dre so I begin like this/no medallions, dread locks or black fists/It’s just that gangsta glare with gangsta raps/that gangsta shit, makes a gang of snaps’” – Carl Chery, Digital Content Director

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  • Byransmith

    2011 vote Halo Glitz for new president of hip hop,xxl ya’ll need my manz mix-tape on yo site 4real!!! “GangBanging Is Dead:The Official MixTape obviously the westside mixtape concept has eastcoast influence with da nas concept,yall need to check dis kid out I think he’s da one cali’s been waiting fo,check um out at


    Never heard the Nas and Scarface joint, Favor for a Favor but I gotta say Face killed Nas on that track though real talk.

  • The187Worm

    Lyin ass muthufuckas…the people that run this mag arent listnening to that shit..cuz if they were , there wouldnt be garbage put on this site…some would have some taste then