Knuckle Up: Hip-Hop Fight Night

Ready for fight night? Manny Pacquiao and Sugar Shane Mosley will throw on the gloves live from Las Vegas on Saturday night. In fact, Rick Ross will reportedly lead Pacquiao out to the ring. We guess Rozay choosing to lead him out to “Pacman” is a safe bet. As for the fight itself, we hope it’s great, but have our doubts. Pacquiao is in his prime, while Mosley, although a seasoned veteran, is well past his prime. That got us thinking about the best fights in hip-hop history. There’s definitely several, all providing varying degrees of entertainment. So, throw the gloves on, have your cut-men ready in your corner and ring the bell. Ding! —Mark Lelinwalla

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  • QtipWrekx
    Wrex-N-Effect vs. up Q-Tip (1993)
    Apparently Wrex-N-Effect took a line Phife Dawg spit about them on Tribe Called Quest’s “Jazz (We’ve Got)” and took it out on Q-Tip via an eye jammie outside a concert.<br /><strong>Winner:</strong> Wrex-N-Effect
  • HavocTradegy
    Havoc vs. Tragedy (Date Unknown)
    According to Prodigy’s <em>My Infamous Life</em> book, Havoc got the better of Tragedy. We here at <em>XXL</em> don’t know Tragedy to back down and have to get his account, before we can declare a winner.<br /><strong>Winner:</strong> No Contest.<br />
  • ProdigyKeithMurray
    Keith Murray vs. Prodigy (1997)
    Keith Murray swears that he dropped Prodigy with one punch. Prodigy tells a different tale in his book, “My Infamous Life.” But given P’s track record with confrontations, we’ll give the nod to Keith.<br /><strong>Winner:</strong> Keith Murray<br />
  • Ja50
    50 Cent vs. Ja Rule (1999-Present)
    Word has it that the feud between these two Queens native got physical when Fif snuffed Ja, or Ja snuffed Fif depending who you ask. Their legendary beef hit a climax at the Hit Factory, when Ja's fellow Murder Inc. artist Black Child stabbed 50. But we all know how this played out in the long run.<br /><strong>Winner:</strong> 50 Cent<br />
  • CubanLinksFatJoe
    Cuban Linx Vs. Fat Joe (2001)
    The site was Jimmy’s Bronx Café for an Angie Martinez party, when beef erupted between the one-time Terror Squad teammates. By Cuban Link’s account, he two-pieced his former boss, but Link did leave with the scar on his face, which Joe later rapped about on "Lean Back."<br /><strong>Winner:</strong> Draw.<br />
  • 50Fredro
    50 Cent vs. Fredro Starr (2003)
    Fif stepped to Fredro Starr at the 2003 Vibe Awards and punched him, a tussle ensued, but was broken up.<br /><strong>Winner:</strong> 50 Cent<br />
  • CanibusBlink
    Canibus vs. Blinky Blink (2000)
    Blinky Blink of Mase's Harlem World crew took offense to a song Canibus had and let him know by showing up at his party for Canibus's <em>2000 B.C.</em> and giving Can-I-bus the beats.<br /><strong>Winner:</strong> Blinky Blink<br />
  • TILilFlip
    Lil Flip vs. T.I. (2004-05)
    (Urban) Legend has it that the two squared up in Flip's hometown of Cloverland, Texas, but ask each MC and he'll say he won the fight. We know how that goes. Their involvement on the Beef documentary was one of the most entertaining yet, though.<br /><strong>Winner:</strong> No contest.<br />
  • JackieOFoxxyBrown
    Jacki-O vs. Foxy Brown (2005)
    It got popping in a Miami studio. We know how Ill Na Na could get down, but Jacki had home studio advantage here.<br /><strong>Winner:</strong> Jacki-O<br />
  • MainoLilCease
    Maino vs. Lil Cease (2006)
    Maino says he stomped out Cease back in '06. Maino recently sounded like he wanted to let bygones be bygones, shouting out Cease on his Biggie is Back record.<br /><strong>Winner:</strong> Maino<br />
  • SaigonProdigy
    Saigon vs. Prodigy (2007)
    Saigon is one gutsy dude. He knew he was heavily outnumbered by Mobb Deep's entourage . . . and didn't care. He snuffed Prodigy in the jaw, threw up the deuce and ran out of S.O.B's.<br /><strong>Winner:</strong> Saigon<br />
  • TruLifeCam
    Tru Life vs. Cam'ron (2007)
    Tru Lizzy said he gave Killa Cam a knuckle sandwich at a New York City nightclub. Cam's camp said the fight never happened. Hmm . . .<br /><strong>Winner:</strong> No contest<br />
  • MainoYungBerg
    Maino vs. Yung Berg (2008)
    Yung Berg got a little out of line and Maino had to check him with the Hand of God. Respect your elders.<br /><strong>Winner:</strong> Maino<br />
  • TrickDaddyTrickTrick
    Trick Trick vs. Trick Daddy (2008)
    Trick Trick vs. Trick Daddy. What's this world come to, Trick? Well, Trick Trick got him in Detroit, which was bad news for Trick Daddy.<br /><strong>Winner:</strong> Trick Trick<br />
  • PapooseFatJoe
    Papoose Vs. Fat Joe (2008)
    Papoose says he rocked Joe and a photo of the Don sporting a black eye at the Knicks game surfaced on the net. Joe shortly did an interview thereafter and didn’t have a black eye at all. Hmm…<br /><strong>Winner:</strong> No contest.<br />
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  • SugeKnightGreg
    Suge Knight Vs. Greg the Barber (2008)
    Greg the Barber sent the Internet into a frenzy, landing the shot heard around the world and knocking Suge Knight the hell out.<br /><strong>Winner:</strong> Greg the Barber<br />
  • RaekwonJoeBudden
    Joe Budden vs. Raekwon (2009)
    Backstage at Rock the Bells two years back, Raekwon decided to rock the Budden. The Chef and his team approached Budden, before his associate punched Budden in the eye, leaving Jumpoff to ice down the swelling.<br /><strong>Winner:</strong> Raekwon<br />
  • GameRasKass
    Game vs. Ras Kass (2006, 2011)
    The first time around, Game reportedly stepped to Ras Kass about what he thought was a subliminal rhyme about him. The Compton MC then dropped Ras Kass with a punch, giving him a black eye. Earlier this year, the two allegedly got into it again. The same results ensued.<br /><strong>Winner:</strong> Game<br />

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  • AC Says 10%

    how does saigon win when he ran like a little bitch!!??

    • Hip Hop Addict

      how u gonna say he a lil bitch…. i know your bitch ass would run if they had a whole crew and you were just one guy

      • AC Says 10%

        str8 up if i was gunna start shit with someone i wouldnt snuff the guy once and run……crew or no crew that was a bitch move.

        • kidnothing1

          Thats some bullshit. Prodigy ALWAYS makes bitch moves, plus he rolled up on Saigon in the middle of his show so that nigga got what he deserved. Prodigy would NEVER have ran up on Saigon alone

          • AC Says 10%

            blah blah blah all points aside…..if it was that big of a problem both sides could deal with this chit or set up somethin on the “head up” tip….but everyone knows its all for promo….its been whut 2-4 years and here we are still talking about it…it all makes for good news….i aint complainin! +1 for your insight.

  • Lupe the Legend

    lmao @ the game 1

    but damn how come u dont include beefs like
    Jay & Nas, 50 & Game, Dre & Eazy, KRS & Marley, LL Cool J & KMD, DMX & Kurupt and finally the legendary Roxannes ????

    • AC Says 10%

      Those Weren’t Included Cause These Are Beef’s That Ended Really Getting “Physical”…..Not Just Going Back & Forth On Tracks! Hope This Helps.

    • T-Mac

      It’s about beefs that were really physical ( fights )…. It’s not about dissing each other on wax….. Game is a HEAD BUSTA!

  • tim

    Should have been something here about Ghostface throwing 50 Cent down the flight of stairs.

    • black jesus

      or ghostface breaking ma$e’s jaw

  • freakey toney

    Ice CUbe and Cam.. winner CAM, He knocked Cube out and took his chain

  • jojo

    KRS vs PM Dawn. PM Dawn performs at a concert, KRS chucks the big fat fucker off the stage and starts performing his own shit.

  • smashin

    or chris brown vs rihanna

  • Dead President

    wat about pac & the hughes brothers or pac shooting 2 off duty cops.??

  • Tshilidzi

    …………Riri vs Brezzy……….?

  • Glizzard

    dont fuck with wu or game