Nine Rappers’ Twitters We’d Love To See

Back in 2009, when Drake hurt his knee while performing on stage, some dates on his tour were put to rest. What was brought to life, though, was @DrakesKnee, a Twitter handle that posted short verses from the perspective of Drizzy’s injured body part. Following suit, @RickRossGrunt came to internet fruition late last week.

In that vein, XXL has come up with nine more rapper-related Twitter handles that deserve some shine. RUH! *Rick Ross voice*

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  • #wiz khalifa homepage
  • drdresdetoxtwitterxxl
  • wizkhalifaslaughtwitterxxl
  • jayzsmoneytwitterxxl
  • lilbsswagtwitterxxl
  • drakeshandtwitterxxl
  • djkhaledsalbumtwitterxxl
  • kidcudisweedtwitterxxl
  • youngjeezysadlibtwitterxxl
  • 50centsheadphonestwitterxxl

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