Happy Birthday Lloyd Banks!

The Boy Wonder was born 29 years ago today (April 30) and many fans might not be aware, but it doesn’t say Lloyd Banks on the G-Unit soldier’s birth certificate. In fact, his parents named him Christopher Lloyd. Yup, just like the famous actor, most know for his role as Doc Brown in the classic 1980s film series, Back to the Future. So in honor of the Queens-bred MC’s born day, we decided to do a comparison of sorts of the two stars.

One might not think that the two men have anything in common, but quite the contrary. Besides sharing the same John Hancock, the two Lloyds claim several similarities.

For one, both stars have a penchant for singing – Banks on the chorus of several of his hit songs and Christopher on the set of Taxi as well as The Addams Family soundtrack).

That's not all. Both have lent their vocals to the video game medium (Bulletproof and Back to the Future respectively), and duh, both have appeared onscreen. That’s right, Banks made his film debut in 50 Cent’s 2009 film, Before I Self Destruct.

Now here’s where it gets strange. Believe it or not, Christopher Lloyd, like Banks, has appeared in several music videos. Who remembers the seasoned actor’s cameo in R&B crooner O’Neal McNight’s video for “Check Your Coat” featuring Greg Nice? Yes, this happened. Can’t get more hip-hop than that. (We’re kidding, of course, but that’s pretty ill).

It doesn’t end there. The actor was born in Connecticut, the same state that Banks calls home when he’s staying at 50’s monstrous mansion. They also both stand over 6 feet tall, but, that's neither here nor there.

Sure, it might not sound like much, but who cares. Lloyd Banks was called Christopher Lloyd for the first dozen or so years of his life and we think that's pretty dope. Great Scott!!!!