The way we consume music is constantly changing. We've gone from vinyl to digital, from buying to downloading. With that, plenty has changed, from the way that artists release music to the way that we discover those artists. We've also, in a sense, lost the mystery of the hidden track. Gone are the days when the back cover of a CD gives a track list and not until we sit through those 18 cited tracks and get to No. 19 do we realize that there's an extra treat at the end. Now, when we pop a CD that we bought into iTunes or download it directly from the source, we see exactly how many tracks there are, and exactly how long each one is.

That's alright, though. It comes with the evolution. And even though they're no longer always the surprise that they used to be, artists still include hidden tracks on their projects from time to time. There have been many great ones over the years, so XXL decided to look back at some of our favorite hidden tracks.