Duck Down’s Dru Ha Rates Your XXL App Freestyles

With the new XXL App Ready or Not now at well over 100,000 downloads, it’s time to start putting the music to the test. Each month, will enlist three industry insiders to listen to and rate the user freestyles which are recorded on the App and uploaded to Throughout April, hip-hop tastemakers DJ Drama, Dru Ha of Duck Down Music and senior VP of A&R at Island Def Jam Recordings Sha Money XL will assess these aspiring artists and their music.

Check out Dru Ha’s thoughts on 10 of the recent submissions below, and be sure to follow him (@druha) and Duck Down Music (@duckdownmusic) on Twitter. Are you ready or not?

1. B BADY, “Fresh Off the Top”
Overall: M
Took a shot going straight freestyle, props for that and using the Ready or Not line within the rhyme. At least you got back up boxing plans if things don’t work out in the rap game.

2. Cauz, “Demand Respect”
Overall: M

You were hype! Take it down a notch and get your thoughts and rhymes under control. Watch the clock, in 30 seconds you still need to finish correctly and strong. Take the extra time to put a picture in the Avatar. Presentation counts.

3. Shotslandin, “Wordplay”
Overall: M

Lots of words and rhymes fit into the 30 seconds. Impressive, but just because the words rhyme don’t mean they need to go together.

4. N3$CIO, “One, Two”
Overall: M

Nice change of pace, like switching gears in a car. Again, be careful to make it all fit into the assignment which is 30 seconds.

5. Malika Flolific One, “Drunk on a Sunday”
Overall: M

Ok, good to hear a female voice on here. I like the energy and power in your delivery. It sounds like you were ready to take command, but watch the liquor because a drunk MC can get sloppy on the mic quickly.

6. Steven Q, “The G.E.E.K.”
Overall: L

Stripped down to just vocals makes it easy for us to hear. I see you’re active on here which is a smart way to promote yourself. Good flow and content, but you should have changed the line from Flippin through The Source to XXL as you’re up on their site! Know your audience and assignment.

7. Hittman “Do My Thang”
Overall: S

Not a bad song but you straight played a pre-recorded song into the phone! For that, I gotta give you the small.

8. Cutty, “Mooove Somthing”
Overall: S

I see you’re having fun with the flow, but for now this feels more like a hobby for you. Sharpen your skills and lyrics.

9, Classic, “SLAPP BOXXIN”
Overall: L

Nice choice of an uptempo beat, compliments and showcases your advanced flow. Keep it going.

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  • Verdas

    Love The honesty Dru!

    If we had more of that in the industry there would be far less Wack Emcees.




    Somebody should rate that dude CA$AVOVA-T, I kinda like that Lick Shots and Playboy freestyles.

  • StevieQstr8BiatchMode

    stevie Q is bitch mode