Nine Moguls That Should Sign Odd Future

Steve Rifkind (SRC)
The SRC Records CEO is known for signing David Banner, Wu-Tang, Mobb Deep, and Big Pun. So imagine if the hip-hop entrepreneur took the reigns over Tyler, the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Hodgy Beats, and the rest of the OF crew.

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  • rachel king

    laughs are cute

  • Matt

    no Shady Records??? come on, they’d be perfect with Shady

  • T

    You’d think their buzz would’ve worn off by now…

  • jamesoshea91

    they aint even that good. its a little creative but come on people have been doing shit for shock value for years. im all for their hatred of skinny jeans and thing like tht but its not as if they are nas. face it its just a bandwagon. and this is cming from someone who was on them before they went huge. everybody love em no but when they bring out an album if they ever do. it prob wont be tht good and no one will buy it cospeople dont want to buy shit anymore.

    • brainsmoke

      If you would listen to them, they are hot as hell, you basically don’t know good music. Majority of the rappers out anyways, shouldn’t of have been signed. And yea you are right, they are hot now because no one knew about them then, so it don’t even matter, they are going to blow up. And take over the fucking world!

  • that nigga

    Strange Music would be perfect for them.

  • Haute

    STRAAAAAAAANGE music….That would be best fit

  • That Guy

    Odd Future needs to be at an idependent label with enough movement to stay mainstream. These labels up here, other than Strange Music, which would be a good pick, are backed by corporate music and would be asked to change thier music slightly here and there, which we all know OF would be like FUCK NO and be shelved……… I suggest they take a look at Stones Throw Records. Home of J. Dilla and Madlib. Plus it’s ran by Peanut Butter Wolf….. Need I say more? haha

  • Hell P’Casso

    Duck Down!!!

  • TicNitty706

    I hope XXL is joking with some of their picks. Bad Boy? YM? Ross? Yeah f**king right. That would be the beginning of the end of this crew. Since they are a grp that thrives own self expression they need to sign to a label that would support their art and not try to change them.

    • ROBD916

      hahaha thats wut im sayin these guys are awful and would not stand a chance in any of these not even strange

  • Nunya

    You guys are jack tards…do your research; (or maybe you already have and wanted to be lame) Odd Future already turned down 70% of these people; including interscope.

  • Shark

    So no one thinks the whole group could wind up at XL Records with Tyler after Goblin drops? It’s a one-album deal, but honestly an indie label used to dealing with M.I.A. / Radiohead type acts makes way more sense than any rap label.

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  • Chris

    The PERFECT fit for Odd Future is STRANGE MUSIC… Shady Records is another place they would KINDA fit in…. but not really. In Strange they got Tech N9ne, Brotha Lynch Hung & Prozak!