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    xxlmag stays with the exclusive! NICKI MINAJ SEX TAPE LEAKED!!

  • black jesus

    bring bol back

  • realnigga

    50s a gay ass nigga.. game murked that bitch… hope your fucking single suck dick like you nigga

    • Mike

      put a dick in you mouth. I know you love dicks, so put it deep in your mouth. Yeah that´s right, you nothing but a hatin bitchass Nigga! Trust me bitch, a dick in your mouth suits you very good!

    • HI HATER

      HATEhateHATE HATERRRRR FUCKIN BITCHASS DEAD BROKE NO SWAG MOM MOOCHIN POOSAY. haha quit hatin faggot. he got hot, now he got money, what the fuck would you do in that position????????????

  • Zii

    One thing I wont you guys to understand, this is 50s last album on Interscope so he wants to do it right. The last 2 albums he went against the machine and now he wants to go out with a bang. He has to make this project big in order to get that deal he’s looking for for his next projects. 50 is a big name no matter how much niggas try to act like he’s irrelevent, name another mc who’s done as much as him and is still being talked about. there arent any so just sit back and wait for the show to start before you get to talkin

    • BANK$$$

      Amen. Co sign

    • RTL

      thank you very much for your comment!

    • nicholasdelorejo

      You’re right that 50′s name is still popular amoung folks but being relevant in the mind of folks is not the problem. What matters is whether people care about what music you release. Snoop is considered the most popular rap artist ever. So popular that everyone who knows jack shit about rap (Ashley Judd) will know his name. But his albums continue to brick now. So being relevant or liked is overated in an age where the most popular artist only hope to sell 500K in a month. Shit Sade went gold in a week and she is no where near as popular as 50 in mainstream music.

      Kanye and Chris Brown still get shit over the things they’ve done years ago. It’s obvious that people (mainly racists and people who never liked them) won’t ever forgive them. But they have a large number of die hard fans and they do better than artists with more of the media’s support and none of the controversy.

      This isn’t about accomplishments or whether one’s a popular icon. This is about whether 50 can make good music and I stll believe 50 do it but dude has alienated large portions of possible customers by his constant instigation of beefs between other rappers as well as being unable to produce a hit single. Jay, Kanye, TI, Nicki, Wayne, Ross, Drake and other rappers always work together in collaborations and albums. Their names may not be popular as 50′s but they are popular where it counts and that’s their consumers. Yeah he sold a shit load of records years ago but so did nelly and Dre and they’re having trouble noing so now.

      • swype-matic

        Preach man. I still think 50 can make good music, but nearly all his stuff from Curtis til now has pissed off people wanting him to sound like GRODT or even the Massacre. Everybody knows it’s not even realistic to expect that, but he can do SO much better than he’s been doing.

    • Blaq Gavin


  • sreykhmai213


    • mental

      pleaseeee put a dick in your mouth!



  • Mutada Mulla Atari

    what the fuck, were is BOL ?

  • 0to200

    Where the fuck is bol at? even if his ignorance and stupidity is at a level not even meth can take you he’s funny as fuck . probably the only reason i come to XXL….