Where Are They Now?: 2009 Freshman Recap

Being an XXL Freshman is something between a win-win and a double-edged sword. On one hand, the coveted XXL cover provides a platform for MCs to take their already burgeoning buzz to another level. On the flip side, not every upstart is equipped to handle the pressure that comes with being an XXL Freshman. Some (actually most) alumni have gone on to secure major record deals, released gold-selling albums and earned Grammy nominations, while others have squandered opportunities.

As the merit of this year’s class is still being debated across message boards and social networking sites, last year’s Freshmen are now reaching new plateaus (Wiz Khalifa anyone?). But what about the 2009 class? Where are they now? From Ace Hood to Wale, XXL revisits the 2009 Freshman class to see where they’ve landed since gracing our cover. –Georgette Cline

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  • T

    Hands down the best freshman class. Everyone was talented in their own way! My favorites are Blu, B.o.B, Asher Roth, and Charles Hamilton.

  • j

    wasn’t j cole on the list to???

    • Simple like ABC, 123


  • mark

    if this list is in order of success, you guys actually did a good job for once

    • T

      Pretty sure Mickey Factz isn’t more successful than Ace Hood or Cory Gunz.

      • whaa

        who is ace hood??

        also i would say factz just edges out gunz

  • Prudential

    Easily the best freshman class bt im sad that charles Hamilton hasn’t gained success because he’s one of the most honest , hard working and insightful rappers I have ever seen

  • Nunya

    Damn XXL! Look at that fuckin’ list…LOOK AT IT.

    No gimmicky homos, no non-rappin retards, ‘luck of the draw’ entries, no one hit wonders.

    Now look at 2011 list…LOOK AT IT.

    The fuck happen to ya’ll?

    • michael j. fox

      my nigga time changes, music changes. i got the Doc’s cell if u tryna head back to 2009

    • ROBD916

      wuts wrong with 2011 besides lil b?

  • Nunya

    1st off, I don’t listen to niggas that can’t sit still…

    2nd…nothing…they are the best ever.

    3rd…Based God is the best one out all years combined…so go fuck yourself.

  • P. Maese

    All these guys haven’t done shit. Fuck Bitchazz.Overrated.Bobby and his shitty pop music! Lyrically, none of these guys could hold Freddie Gibbs’ jockstrap if they lifted weights for two hours straight!

    • thinker

      well nigga, i dont think anyone would have the energy to lift anything after working out for 2 hours straight.
      smh at dumb niggas

    • kidnothing1

      WHAT???? If you say BoB sucks than you haven’t heard “No Genre.” And I hate to ruin your day bra, but Blu is better than Freddy Gibbs

      • T

        Blu is arguably the best freshmen to date, lyrically. Even Lupe admits always having to stay on par with Blu.

        • 404Monster

          I’m not sayin this because i live in Atlanta, but out of that freshman cover, BOB got it, but ya boy was right, that dude BLU, i just got put on to him recently and he is one hell of a spitter. That might be BOB competition right there, the rest of the dudes fly but not on BLU or Bobby Ray lyrical status nor Flow Status. BLU got one hell of a nasty flow and lyrics to go with it, BOB also.

  • Nunya

    They haven’t done shit? You must be drunker than I was when I dissed Michael J. Fox…

  • Poster Child

    Curren$y still is my favorite from this list…man been working day & night in the studio

  • DavySupafly

    Curren$y tha realest nigga on this list, he’s consistent in making dope, unique music. LOL @ Charles Hamilton if that nigga think anyone gonna buy his wack music he got another thing coming, nigga was homeless back in like november that mothafucka was on worldstar in a Harlem Barbershop in a trench coat and pink hello kitty hat, that nigga fruity as a mothafucka..




  • kidnothing1

    Sickest freshman class cause no one sucked! But they ain’t doin much! Just BOB, Blu, Curren$y, and Cudi puttin in work! Mickey, Charles, and Asher are pretty sick though

  • http://www.myspace.com/slotchmusic ms_spittuh

    this was the best freshman class in my opinion. they were all lyrical in their own way. now its 2011 and cats like lil b are on this list. wow. o_0 time sure does fly quickly lol

  • YoSauce


    I’m gonna be the first one at the door to buy Charles Hamilton album. You obviously don’t know shit about music if you think he’s wack. You can’t say Curren$y is the realest dude on the list when there’s Kid Cudi and B.o.B in this class. You really don’t know what your talking about. Charles Hamilton is a real dude, might be a little weird with the pink but that’s him and his style. All you can do is respect it cause he won’t ever change.

    • Solyde

      B.o.B is a sell out and is not a real dude

  • Solyde

    Curren$y The Hot Spitta Best rapper alive

  • Wonder Jenks

    Im mos def going to support CH debut, fuck yall dissing him.

  • Dub

    Only dude I fuck wit from this class is Spitta… I been bumpin Blu lately though he’s got some heat

  • J-Sayne


    If you knew anything about CH, you would know he doesn’t make music to make money. Criticize that how you want, but other than his album that’s coming out, he does all his music for the fans. Free downloaded mixtapes and everything. If you gonna come at somebody, come correct. Dumbass.

  • Da Critic

    Ill class except for Sonic & Blu.
    The hedgehog has always been a cornball and the Blu dude just strikes me as a weirdo who doesn’t want success anyway.
    Mickey is definitely better than both of them combined.

    The Hot Spitta is dat Nigga too,for the record!

    • Sheed

      Clearly you’re a dude who has never listened to BLU so like the E we are going to drop you! LOL

  • Aezzy

    ok let me tell you the people that are nice
    by my rankings

    1. Blu (Classic Blues Go Buy Below the Heavens!)
    B.O.B (Cant Decide) (The Son of outkast)
    2. Wale (Waterdown but hes aight go buy Attention Deflect!)
    3. Currensy (Jets 4 life Go buy Pilot Talk 1-2!)
    4.Charles Hamilton (Freestyle Rapper that makes music for the fans)
    5. Mickey Factz (Lyrical Genius)
    6. Asher Roth (Poetry Version of Shady?)
    7. Kid Cudi (The Man with a dream going to the moon whats next Neptune well hes alright too…)
    8. Cory Gunz (Sony fits him better then YMCMB his career can die now b/c of that)

    Money Rappers that have no talent at all period

    Ace Hood (Rasta Lil wayne but they both suck)

    He suck -____-

    I really wanted Chip Tha rip in 2011

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  • Daniel

    What’s pretty funny to me is that Blu, Wale, B.o.B, Charles Hamilton and Asher Roth are in All City Chess Club with Lupe Fiasco who was in the 2007 Freshman Class.

  • WIll

    B.o.B, Cudi and Wale have all done great. but asher and charles are the best rappers

    • Sheed

      Guess you haven’t listened to Blu either!

  • Gerardo

    1) Bobby Ray
    2) Cudi
    3) Charles Hamilton
    4) Asher
    5) Blu
    6) Curren$y
    7) Wale
    8) Mickey Factz
    9) Ace Hood
    10) Cory Gunz

    • Sheed

      I respect and like Cudi and Asher Roth, I think BOB is cool and Charlie Hamilton is ok at times but how Blu is 5th on your list is beyond me. Blu is reality poetry. Folks just don’t want to hear it and its a shame!

  • http://soundcloud.com/turismochris503 TRSMO

    So heres my personal review on everybody (unranked):

    B.O.B – So obviously, he’s become crazy successful in the commercial music industry and the fashion industry as well. I like his energy and flow, but he can be a bit repetitive.

    Asher Roth – Lyrically, I think he’s amazing! I also like the production choices on his mixtapes/albums too.

    Blu – Easily one of the most slept on MCs in the game right now. I think he has the most technical style out of the rest of the roster.

    Curren$y – I’m a fan of his. I love his abstract style of music.

    Charles Hamilton – I’m a supporter of this dude no doubt. He may be crazy, but his passion for music is something I really respect. I think he’s the most misunderstood out of the roster.

    Kid Cudi – One of the most creative artists I’ve heard. I just love that he likes to try something different.

    Ace Hood – Ehhh he’s cool I guess.

    Wale – I dont think he’s super lyrical, but I like his style.

    Cory Gunz – He’s talented no doubt. At least freestyle-wise anyway

    Mickey Factz – Another underrated artist in my book. He has alot of projects I’m impressed with.