The Best of Wiz Khalifa

11. “The Kid Frankie” from

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  • Tru Talk

    See a lot of this shit is good….. He could have picked some better tracks then these 11 but still, Lay em Down, Go on Hate, with a mixture of songs like Mezmerized and ink my whole body its great, this rolling papers is jus well, i can’t rip on wiz no more so I aint even gonna say

  • ROBD916

    never been, the statement, and still blazin beat out the songs from the prince of the city mixtapes, and nothin from BAR? who even made this list?

    • Michael C.

      Your asking who made this? Wiz did haha, but yea i agree some B.A.R. should be on this playlist.

  • Eagle

    “Kid Frankie” is the dopest of these

    It’s crazy to see his progression from P.O.C.1 to K x OJ

    Prince of the City 2 is my favorite pre K&OJ mixtape

  • BJizzle

    I’m not one of them lames who claims to have been down with the Taylor Gang since Day 1 (who gives a fuck), so a lot of these I haven’t heard. But I am sure Spotlight, This Plane, Car Service, Takeaway, and Glass House could have taken the place of five of these songs.

  • ayyy

    this list is shit nigga has wayyy better songs than this stupid ass xxl

  • Al

    Yeah list is good but I thought “In The Cut” and “Still Blazin” would be there

  • Chucky

    why the hell isnt this plane on there?

  • francis nasim

    my copy comin may 5 happy cinco de mayo buyin a gmc my name not camrons and.. im paradin beanie sigal na na na na -chronicles-rolling paper 2 comin soon-yah kno!

  • francis nasim

    10 years from now my ninja-i luv u boa

  • BrookNam

    That album fucking sucks keep it real. Kush & OJ was fire but that album is prolly the biggest disappointment in Hip Hop history.

  • Jeremy

    Wiz stole the name Rolling papers from OFWGKTA. Wolf Gang over Taylor Gang

  • Kris

    why are u guys trippin….wiz made this list himself…these are songs he picked, his favorites…not urs

  • aboynamedandy

    The researcher clearly just downloaded the Prince and OJ tapes. No “Deal Or No Deal” ish, “B.A.R.” ish, “Flight School” ish (a few joints are okay on that mixtape)?

  • luke m

    hahaha all his old shit is better! but this is missing the thrill which is probably his best song