Simon Cowell Talks Nicki Minaj [XXcLusive]

Last week rumors hit the ’net that Nicki Minaj was in talks to become a judge on the American version of Simon Cowell’s upcoming TV show The X Factor. got the opportunity to speak to Mr. Cowell himself to find out if the gossip is true.

“We spoke to Nicki actually about a lot of projects,” he told “It wasn’t specifically about this, but we were just very interested to meet her. I’m a big fan of hers. So I don’t know if it’s gonna be this show or something in the future, but it was definitely somebody I wanted to meet.”

“Off her own back she’s had a phenomenal year last year and she’s gonna have a phenomenal year this year,” he added about Minaj’s success. “She’s very smart, very influential, very bright and along with artists like Jessie J. You can’t ignore them and sooner or later they have to be in our world and we have to be in their world.”

As previously reported, Antonio “L.A.” Reid recently stepped down as chairman of Island Def Jam to become a judge on the show come September. Cowell hopes L.A. will help attract more aspiring hip-hop and R&B artists to the competition. He also said he is currently in talks with another personality from the rap world to bring onto the show.

Auditions for The X Factor are set to begin on Sunday, March 27 in Los Angeles at the L.A. Sports Arena. The search for the next global superstar will continue in Miami, FL, on Thursday, April 7; Newark, NJ, on Thursday, April 14; Seattle, WA, on Wednesday, April 20; Chicago, IL, on Wednesday, April 27; and Dallas, TX, on Thursday, May 26. The show is searching for undiscovered talent 12 years old or over – both solo artists and vocal groups – who are willing to brave the panel for a chance to win a $5 million recording contract with Syco/Sony Music. Interested solo artists and vocal groups should sign up now for audition information at or call toll-free 855-345-5678. —Jesse Gissen

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  • The187Worm

    Minaj can lick my ass after i shit out some Red Devil cake…all she good for is that booty…big fucking hips…but stay outta the rap game bitch…or change ur genre of music for the teeny boppers…

    • anutha_level

      lmao! u a funny dude, i thought nobody was more of an asshole than me. good shyt

      • jimmyjam

        not it aint hes just some guy who spends ALLL DAY on xxl ripping on people. thinking hes so cool cos he know who rakim is. hes a sad pathetic twat honestly.

        • The187Worm

          I dont know what to say to that except maybe …..Thanks

  • st

    @The 187Worn , You are an idiot and people like you who keep stalking others will never make it because you are so full of jealousy and breathes out envy.Iam sorry for you and you are the fool that can change whatever stupid music you are making because as you can see Nicki is not going any where.IDIOT.

    • The187Worm

      Make it??? muthufucka i dont want to be no fucking rapper…shiiiiiiiiit im happy where the fuck im at right now…im straight…..and jealousy?? please get the fuck outta here….Im pissed cuz of the one with real talent out there who deserve to be in there place….those muthufuckas busting they ass to make there first mix tape…working the corners to get their shit out…ones who lyrical skill is unmatched…these cats im hatin on didnt get here by blood sweat and tears….u must be out ya mind playa…they saw this big rotund ass bitch with a certain look and created this cunt….thats the industry…fuckem all

      • LickyLickyMaBalzsak

        Word dawg!

      • Federal Ranga

        Co to the muthafuckin sign!!! Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nigga! You know what you’d like? An episode of my show that talks JUST about shit like that.


      • Reed

        Oh and how many mix-tapes did Nicki have to make to make it big? Don’t preach about people who are sweating, bleeding, and crying when you have no idea what goes on behind the scenes in the underground circuit. The point is Nicki has found her niche in the music industry and she speaks to a lot of girls out there. Deal with it and move on don’t perpetuate hate.

        • The187Worm

          lmao sorry itll never happen again

      • thinker

        who’s unmatched you DUMB nigga? i’ll give you a million names thatll smash your list

        • The187Worm

          ^^^White cat ….talkin internet thug again…shit just makes me laugh

          • The187worm

            I am a white female that needs black cock. Or I am gay. Either way gimme, gimme, gimme.

  • boomboom

    @The187Worm thefuckbitch??? GTFO. get your dam facts straight before dissin on anybody. it may look like it but nicki been doing hard ass work too for years so dont say it like nicki got dealed fo just cus of her ass. so pls gdfo cus you obviously dont know shit.

  • Universal

    Imo she is not that great of a rapper, music is kinda meh…, she needs to cut the accents out real soon cuz it just ruins the music. And if you really do think about it is just because she female with rapper with big assets who looks good, i dont think its her music its her image. ALOT of other rappers deserve to be dubbed an up there force in hip-hop and its sad that rappers like kanye west and wayne are promoting her stuff and not other great lyrical wordsmiths who deserve there shine

  • st

    Nicki equally deserve her shine,you forgot she has been digging it with other underground Rappers before her door finally opens.Nicki Minaj won the best underground Artist.So dont act as if she came from nowhere.Support all Female Rappers because there are enough room for everybody.