Salute Me: 20 Years of No Limit Records

This month marks the 20-year anniversary of Master P’s No Limit Records.  P’s 1991 debut album Get Clean Away was the catalyst to a generation of music that would leave a mark on the culture in and helped establish New Orleans as a hotbed for hip-hop talent. Releasing albums at a factory pace, P and his No Limit soldiers contributed to fill the void left by Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G.’s deaths in the late ’90s. P was so hot that at one point he earned more bank than Diddy, Russell Simmons and Jay-Z. In ’09, Forbes estimated that P earned approximately $661 million throughout his career. And while his empire eventually broadened to movies, sneakers and a show on Nickelodeon, his work with No Limit’s what made him a legend in hip-hop.

XXL looks back at one of the strongest movements in hip-hop history by taking a look at No Limit’s extensive discography. Salute.
Words by Amber McKynzie and Ralph Bristout

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  • allhiphop>xxlmag

    Cash Money!


    fuck cash money bitch no limit fo life the tank dont stop nigga!

  • Buckcity228

    hated those No limit album covers…
    but i fucked with some of those albums, No limit was huge where im from.

    • Karim

      Fo real mane… Those pen n’ pixel graphics were the worst!! Check the dreaded Skull Duggery album….

  • zayzkidd

    No Limit was huge for New Orleans at that time. I can’t lie, I wasn’t a fan of the music but they put us on the map. Everybody thought we was just parties and crime.

    • Kim Short

      samm DAMm timE

  • S_Calhoun

    I don’t care what nobody say, NO LIMIT WAS THE SHIT back in the day. I bought almost every album they had from 1995-2001 and most of them were dope.

  • Nunya

    Punk asses who hate.

    Ice Cream Man, Made Man, Bossalinie, the Last Don, Mr. Serv-On, Skull Duggery, Mystikal (Unpredictable), C-fuckin Murder, Mia X, No Limit Compilation albums, TRU, and MOTHA FUCKIN GHETTO D.!!!!!! BURBONS AND LACS SON!!!! Sickest fuckin song to ever be played in a 1998 Caddy with a Rockford Fosgate system in it. Fuck ya’ll.

  • Notorious AGC

    LMAO @ the album covers….

  • EI

    whahaha LOL on the album covers

  • HU

    No Limit music actually had some meaning and soul back in the days. Today’s mass-produced Southern shit is pure garbage.

    Also, it really gets annoying reading all the errors in XXL articles. Please hire someone not from an HBCU.

    • Lee

      What does them being from an HBCU got to do with the errors? Anybody can make errors.

  • Htowns Own

    ooh I miss those No Limit Days!!! They definitely had their time shine and Ghetto D is still one of my favorite CDs
    *How could it be….somebody took my boi from me….uuuggghhh…my best friend’s gone….and i’m so allll alone*

    • ItsBrittanyB*tch!!!!!

      Wow…looking at these album covers bring back sooo many memories, Mercedes, Mia X, Mr Servon lol! Daaammmnnn

  • integra83

    Those album covers kept getting more hilarious after each release, they should do a “where are they now?” story for all the former artists

  • Murkmayne

    Keepin it one hun, I didn’t know shit about New Orleans until No Limit. You had Outkast and the Geto Boys and other cats, but P made the the South the dominate region in hip hop.. Pass me them thangs. Lets get em!

  • daev