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  • The187Worm

    Thats that tricks real profession right there!..not rap…that bitch needs to stick to what she do best..sucking and fuckin…i wouldnt even allow this ho to talk while i fuck her

    • realnigga

      Goddamn U A Hatin Ass Nigga….Find A Hobby Muthafucka, If U Don’t Like Niggas Y The Fuck Are U Going Around Commenting On Everything THEY Do……Lame Ass Nigga

      • The187Worm

        Suck my dick chump…stop droppin the N Bomb u know yous white

  • Tato

    That was a lame ass lap dance. LOL. Although I do dig her singles. I wouldnt go to her show tho, she wasnt even rapping (they were playing the track with the voice on it, while she held the mic and smiled), just dancing, and not very impressively either, and what the fuck is up with the hair?!?!
    She should just rap her lyrics herself (cause theyre pretty good) and let the dancers shake their rump, or better yet have them bust out some b-boy moves!

  • Shady.boy

    She looks fukn ridiculous.

  • francis nasim

    shady boy -dont know you,but u out cho mind she is got all my dollas.i preach!