So, apparently, Lil B is going to work with Prince on his upcoming album. That's some exciting and unexpected news, but we believe it could really happen. After all, there's something about the Purple One and the Based God that we see fitting together. "A lot of inspiration that I've gotten and confidence that I've gotten [is] from Prince," Based God told MTV. "I really learned a lot of being able to talk to girls just from listening to his music. So, it's like, man, a lot of homage is being paid and you will be in for a big surprise."

In light of the news about their collaboration (only Lil B has confirmed it's happening, Prince has not), we here at XXL had some fun with potential song titles. What do you guys think will come of their collaboration? Any other ideas?

"Bitch I'm From Minnetonka"

"Hoes On My Dick (Cause I Look Like Vanity)"

"Let's Go Crazy, Let's Get Based"

"Pretty Bitch (Remix)"

"When Based Gods Cry"

"Skin Tight Jeans and Blouses"

"Little Red V Neck T-Shirt"

"I'm The Prince, He's The Based God"

"Let's Go Crazy (For Real For Real)"