Lauryn Hill hit the stage last night at New York’s Blue Note jazz club to kick off three nights of intimate performances. Lauryn’s lateness is legendary so the question on everyone’s mind last night was, how late will she be? With an advertised start time of 8 p.m., Hill graced the stage around 11:57pm.

According to The Village Voice, “The couple next to me, who I learn have been sitting there since 7:15, leaves in disgust, explaining that they have a train to catch, the male half noting diplomatically that "That's how Lauryn is." 11:57: Lauryn steps onstage. I feel terrible for those poor people who left, both because they missed the show, and because the show itself was actually fantastic.”

Word is she put on a great show filled with songs sung more or less as the audience is used to hearing them. Twitter was also filled with positive feedback:

@simonraes experienced an incredible concert of Lauryn Hill at the Blue Note Jazz Club yesterday.

@keithrusso Ready or Not here we come, you can't hide... Lauryn Hill going through all the hits tonight at the Blue Note... Sick set

@GregGary WTF I really must buy Miss Lauryn Hill a watch. This shits like the hip hop version of Waiting for Godot.

Hill hits the stage at Blue Note again tonight. Tickets are being sold for $125 and still available at Check back in tomorrow to see if she’s worth the wait.