10 Reasons Why Wiz Khalifa is a Star

Ladies love Wiz
Recently, Wiz has been linked to some of the most infamous women in the industry, from Kanye West’s ex Amber Rose to former Bad Girls Club cast-member/Los Angeles-socialite Natalie Nunn.

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  • hottstash

    okaaaayy! I hope he does it bigger than we imagine…. I still bump K&OJ

  • iSimplyAm

    10 Reasons Why Wiz Khalifa is a Star …

    Becuase YOU people snatch him away from his base, push him to fame and stardom–there by rushing an artists timeline, now the poor guy has peaked and before you know it the hipster generation AND YOU PEOPLE are on to the next living host like a pack of fcking souless zombies.

    Poor guy can only fight you souless pack of pigs for so long (remember when he shot down Drake tour offer????).

    Before you know there is going to be an XXL blurb, if he’s lucky, saying he’s pushed his sophore album back for the 5 time [do to the lack of ANY anticipation]. A bunch of fkcing fence jumping mutts I tell ya–fans and columist alike.

    • Taylor Gang

      YO idk what your talking about wiz is not even clse to peaking man he didnt even put out a record yet..ive been following this guy for a long time and he will never stop puting music out you goota realize he was already signed once o if it didnt work with atlantic hed be out in a second putting out more boss tapes just like he did when he left warner! T.G.O.D.!!!

      • http://www.tgodxjets.com TGOD_BIOTCH

        Thank you man, stupid fcking clowns in here hating on wiz…… Taylor gang or teebag a mousetrap b*tch

        • Yo Eros

          Dude wasn’t hating…..he simply stated an ACTUAL FACT! MTV does it ALL THE TIME…..they suck the life out of you and leave you to die!

          Remember the Strokes…..underground darlings until MTV pulled them out of the underground and who can resist taking that ride….but once the ride is taken they drop you off because they’re bored of you!

          I think iSimplyAm summed it up PRETTY WELL.

          Wiz hasn’t peaked yet but I know I’M tired of the song and the remixes already!

        • swype-matic

          How was the guy hating on Wiz? It’s obvious he’s a fan of him, and doesn’t want to see him suffer and milked like a cow by the mainstream like other artists from cult fanbases. That’s why I’m iffy on Tech N9ne possibly breaking into the mainstream, cause pretty soon, I’d be saying “Man, remember when Tech N9ne used to put out good shit?”

        • Taylor Gang

          you right yoo i love ppl tryna h8 on Wiz but i guess that comes w/ the territory of being famous smh he was big before Black and Yellow and he gonna be bigger after Black and Yellow… Taylor Gang or take a long walk off a short cliff

        • xavier

          he wasnt hating dumb ass, hes talkin bout you new muh fuckas talkin bout jets and this and that, you dont know shit bout wiz, cause if you did, you would know currensy says jets, and wiz is taylor, and wiz onkly says jets when currensy is with him. i think hot spittas better than wiz, but i been with wiz before any of you dick riders were, and i mean any, i was with him since burn after rolling.

          • higgs

            yo i see what he means with wiz goin mainstream and could dirupt his flow but hes been goin hard since 05-06 and hes still got tons more in the tank and working with big time artist like snoop will just make him better and i dont see him being a one hit wonder like many may believe because he cares for his fanbase so much he wont let the fame screw up his flow hes got potiential to be top notch. T.G.O.D.
            Ps. i think mac miller got the same chance of bein big like wiz in a couple years or so.

          • psyched by wiz

            Xavier at no point did anyone mention anything about jets or anything else about currensy. You are completely dumb. Shut up. I’ve been listening to him since prince of the city, and not much has changed about him, besides its more grass friendly lyrics.

    • http://kristianroman81@yahoo.com Rezen

      I have to agree that Wiz Kalifah has already gone Pop at least from the song “Black and Yellow. I can tell theres a group out called Darkxiide that is more underground than kalifah,
      and may have a better chance at maintaining a longer career if they dont sign under a Major Record Label that will try to control there sound.But who knows there are those that beat the system like Jay-Z and many others like Maddona ect.

  • TicNitty706

    One of the dumbest articles I have read in a loooong time. No hate toward the young cat but stop over hyping these fly by night mofo’s. Please.

    There’s so many other dope artist out here that can be profiled.

    And u wonder why some think rap music is dead.

    • L

      THANK YOU….. I bet these people writing this crap was never part of the COOL CREW growin up…LOL!

    • http://www.tgodxjets.com TGOD_BIOTCH

      why dont you listen to wiz’s old mixtapes like prince of the city 2, flight school, how fly, burn after rolling, etc and tell me that kid Wiz isn’t DISGUSTING

    • tokeitup32

      get wit it or get flown over douchebag, keep hatin. You prolly sit at home all day and listen to hannah montana. Wiz is takin over

  • Truths.org

    Give til the Summer, you’ll be able to see him at Disney in Orlando for a 1/3 of what he’s asking for currently. It’s unfortunate, but thats what these blood sucking ticks and fleas’ll an actually artist.

  • life

    dude only has one hit record lets see if he can put out another and his 16 and others records are wack

  • http://harlemworld.wordpress.com New HarlemWorld Order

    Because his publicist paid XXL to write this feature?

  • rome

    Taylor gang or pay rick ross’s kfc bill

  • 407 hustla

    being arested dont make you a star…. it makes you a convicted felon… wiz go hard as fuck but with all this hype im afraid he will die out way to quick

  • Max

    Wiz is on fire and will take over had the pleasure to burn one with him in MINNEAPOLIS

  • Nick

    Wiz is my fav rapper, been down with him since Flight Schoool. I agree with everything but black n yellow is pop as hell, no good quotes.

  • mab

    : ( noooooooo, hes selliing himself out…DIDDY???? SERIOUSLY??

    • Taylor Gang

      he’s not selling he did it b/c he wanted to that’s what Wiz is all about doing what he want’s too… plus Diddy is big in the game you don’t just say noo that’s like saying noo to Jay-Z

  • jgar1234

    some sense some straight up haters

  • wizistoill

    haha i love how you all are hating on wiz why are you reading this if he is so bad or isnt going to be anything gtfo wiz is one of the best in the game yeah he didnt have the best album last year (kanye did sorry) stop with all the hating geez wait til he drops his debut album and the movie and the soundtrack comes out then you will be so taylor’d all sudden and you act like he hasnt been around for awhile i was listening to wiz when he was 16 years old he has been dope since the Prince of the City so hop off

    Taylor Gang or Get Lost

  • TGOD

    All these people saying Wiz is just a one-hit wonder, over-night sensation don’t know anything. K&OJ took over back when it came out. The guy isn’t a one-hit wonder, and isn’t just going to burn out. He’s got a lot more talent then that. He’s been putting out great music for a while now, it’s just been in mixtapes because he couldn’t get a deal. Now that he’s hitting popularity, he’s going to be around for a while.

  • PhillyKid

    “We here at XXL called it early when we named the Pittsburgh rapper as one of our 2010 Freshmen. ”
    smh, you guys “called it early”? haha sike…he wasnt even a freshman in 2010, guess you guys just heard of him last year?

  • Taylor Gang

    yoo on the real everybody thinks’s Wiz is some over the night pop sensation but he’s really alot of ppl(fans) knew about him before he blew up it , it just takes 1-hit for the world to know who you are (i.e. “Black and Yellow”), like if you ask him how’s he’s soo “famous” he’ll go “idk it’s the fans”… also he’s all about doing his own thing he turned down a tour w/ Drake & Rick Ross’s offer to join Maybach Music Group that’s also a reason why his fan base is big b/c he keeps it real and is going to put out what he wants to put out and doesn’t let anybody tell him what to do he just does what he likes which is smoke weed, eat turkey burgers, fuck bad bitches (i.e Amber Rose) and make music… T.G.O.D

    • Taylor Gang

      i meant to say he’s really not

  • Real Ross

    Lol @ the haters. Wiz has a movement, a major movement. Thats what the difference from his success to the success of a Soulja Boy or O.J. Da Juiceman for instance. The guy is lovable everywhere and he keeps it 100 from what I can tell. And he’s a descent lyricist… Taylor Gang or kiss a hot drag race car muffler… Lames will always be lames…

  • http://www.ha.com Mike

    this artcile is retarded
    first single … are people forgetting “say yeah”
    oh this is the first time this dude heard about wiz from black and yellow.

  • taylor_bxtch

    man, Wiz is on his ish. Black and Yellow’s a hit, and it’s not even one of his best tacks. Wat does that tell you about this dude? He’s a fxckin G!! Taylor Gang or Kill Yaself hoe!

  • Joe Spacely

    you guys are some goofies.

    he is nowhere near peaking

    he has multiple mix tapes out – and he still has the flame.

    ill be flyin with the planes saturday in peoria IL. TGOEVERYTHING

  • HybridMusick

    Taylor Gang Or Sudden Death!!!
    Such Talent And Confidence Has Not Been Seen In Centuries..
    Uh Uh(8)

  • YoungBoy

    wiz has always been a star since “flight school” and “deal or no deal” he just needed more publicity and now that he has it its a wrap like a packed lunch >1.

  • Wade

    It is rediculous how long it took for him to become popular….half the people dont even know any other songs by him…His first #1 single in my book is “say YEah” …GOOGLE IT…That song is about 4 years old now and that type of music is what he still makes today….you guys need to get out there and listen to artists before you claim they rise to the top . ANd if you dont want to be left in the dust again Check out my man “CHRIS WEBBY”(white boy) and his best song in my opinoin is “RAISING THE BAR” and if yall dont liek that you been living under a rock for 10years or sumthin like that…anyway just check him out he has 4 mixtapes and i bet 1000 bucks none of you have heard of him

  • zach

    you spelled Pittsburgh wrong (“pittsburg” as seen in the paragraph about TMZ) if you gunna talk about wiz get it right PITTSBURGH

  • n0ah-lee

    kush&oranqe juice pt.2 ridessss !! ♥
    taylor qanq or NO weed for yhuuu ! ;)

  • OG taylor/J.E.T.S. member

    yo unless u muthafuckas ACTUALLY kno wiz’s music catalog prior 2 kushxoj n blk & yellow, plz do ya research or shut da fuck up. if u wanna get real fuckin technical blk & yellow wont his 1st hit, say yea wuz. u may not recognize him but im sure u wuz bumpin da shit. 2nd off dat nigga been puttin n work! evry mixtape dat nigga drop iz classic: prince of the city 1 & 2, star power, flight school, b.a.r….. hell evn show & prove n grow season r dope. he dont need no fuckin billboard charts 2 tell him how dope he iz. he wuz hot b4 n he gon b hot aftr. TGOD fuckboys

    • wizzle man

      a men mane you rep the t gang

  • http://www.dynamicproducer.com dynamicwayne

    Taylor gang or Die…lol but nice post

  • http://www.youtube.com/greatrastar82 ImMe

    Here are a few reasons why Wiz is considered a STAR:
    1.The Rostrum CEO used to work for Atlantic. Rostrum is familiar with the machine and with Lyor you can’t lose.
    2.Atlantic is putting out those marketing dollars. The label doesn’t want to push Lupe no more now that he already released 2 albums. B.O.B was a success with the help of T.I. Linking Wiz up wit Snoop is only helping his longevity. He reminds me of a young Snoop.
    3.Wiz has his own movement NOW. DO YOUR RESEARCH. When he was with Warners, He was still trying to define himself. He was following the trend. Now that he has a movement, he just needs a few artists to branch it out.
    4.The city of PGH is full of talented rappers. However, NO ONE really broke thru. S -Money appeared to have put Wiz on. That’s why he’s the Prince of the City. Sometimes a Prince never becomes a King.
    5.There are more, but I don’t have time to mention them. Let’s just see how his career goes. DON’T BASE IT ON A FEW SONGS. Wiz has been getting watered down. U GOTTA STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS HOT!!!

  • cbas!

    Ya’ll dont know what ya’ll talking about wiz hard as hell,were im from thats all we listen too,ya’ll nigga dick riderz.

  • Raphael

    When da album Come out, dey needa give my nigga da WHOLE COVER. Just him.. Rookie of da year in “10 and Man of da fuccin year diz year… TGOD!!! Okkaaaeee!!!!

  • http://sickltdtwitter adrian smith birmingham england

    wiz is sick on the mic has not change his style black and yellow love it video crazy

  • steve

    taylor gang or do the worm with a boner

  • Wizlle man

    you are all so stupid and obviously don’t really follow wiz he has put out at least 10 songs since black and yellow and there all sick for example: stoned, bad guy, exit row, stunt’n, know your name and huey newton

  • Josh

    I couldn’t disagree with this list anymore than I currently do.
    He’s popular because he makes good music. You don’t need TMZ and Amber Rose or Diddy to make you a star, his good vibes and staying true to his style and sound is what does…

  • yuppp


  • DJ Postman

    Wiz is a clown and Black and Yellow is proof he will be a one-hit wonder.

  • http://www.youtube.com/greatrastar82 imMe

    Ya’ll niggaz definitely didn’t read my comments and do your research. Hip Hop is definitely watered down if ya’ll talking bout Wiz like this. Wiz is good but don’t believe the hype. He only make music about tree. He don’t talk about S***. XXL is getting a lot of money thrown theIE way for HIM. MONEY TALKS BULLS*** WALKS. HE was already signed to Warners and released a single on there. Ya’ll act like hes the newest thing out.

  • cryprvs

    Too much attention to black & yellow. Wiz’s large discography (mixtapes/album) should have been credited to his stardom as well.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Bonus Reasons: Free Albums: How Fly (with Curren$y) [2009] / Kush & Orange Juice [2010]

  • m

    whts with all these reallly average rappers getting so much hype

  • http://facebook jashai

    i like your song black and yellow

  • Matt

    a little bold to say you called him early….he’s been making amazing mixtapes long before Kush and OJ. Called it early would have been 4 years ago

  • DookieMayne

    black & yellow is the wackest Wiz song period

    will not buy album
    he’s hoppin on weak ass songs wit other artists.
    He’s gonna flame out soon cuz ppl will grow tired.
    Just like Drake & Minaj

    I am so Taylor Gang

    This nu shit is not Taylor. Sorry fan boiz

  • http://twitter.com/cesarmoreno973 @CesarMoreno973

    Wiz been hot for years now. Cat’s is just catchin on…

  • Ryan

    Wiz is the man. he releases main stream tracks to get more $ and more fans. so maybe he might have a couple pop mainstream sounding songs on an album. the rest are still his usual stoner self.