Nelly Sells 63K in First Week, Eminem Goes Triple Platinum

Hip-hop’s biggest artists slid down the Billboard Top 200 charts this week, as several new mainstream releases bombarded the shelves last week by such artists as Jackie Evancho, Rihanna, Kid Rock, the Rascal Flatts and Keith Urban, but Nelly still managed to land in the Top 10.

Outselling his projections, Nelly’s new disc, 5.0, grabbed the No. 10 spot, after selling 63,500 units in his first week on the charts. Kid Cudi didn’t fare so well, sliding 11 positions down from to No. 21. In its second week out The Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager’s sales dropped 79 percent  from 169,400 to 36,000. To-date Cudder has moved 205,800 units off the shelves.

Two seats down at No. 23 is Eminem’s Recovery. The Detroit lyricist added 34,200 to his total tally, which now stands at 3,004,800. Shady officially reached the triple platinum mark after 22 weeks.

Rounding out the Top 40 is Lil Wayne. I Am Not A Human Being fell from No. 10 to No. 31 this week with 28,300 in sales. In eight weeks Weezy tips the scales at 474,400 units.

Next week look for big releases from Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Lloyd Banks and Jay-Z to impact the charts. —Elan Mancini

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  • lklmo ok


  • Dam homieAHA

    Yo I was expecting Nicki breaking news the whole week wassup with that? I was expecting “Breaking news, Nicki set to make a record with 500,000+ sold. Hell I aint seen shlt about her this week other than her album releasing and some sad reviews…gotttttttttdammit

  • hauuted

    Pretty good for Nelly. Dam kid cudi looks like erbody getting tired of the druggy style. That belongs to lil wayne anyway. I always looked at him as the rejected black guy turned white dope head appealing type of guy cuz I don’t know anyone black that listens to him. The boi looks a bit strange to me if ya know what I mean. I guess that’s his “appealing to the fruitcakes” look cuz you know these rappers have to have a gay friendly style like Nicki/Wayne/Drake and the recent eminem(“I’m not afraid” a fruity track)


      So when is a inspiring and uplifting song considered fruity? Whats fruity is lame ass people who bash a song for being uplifting and positive for once, rather than the same old same dumb shit every rapper has said in the last twenty or so years. Not Afraid is and has been a smash it.But bein biased you wouldnt see that.

      • swype-matic

        I feel you on the whole “uplifting and positive” being confused for “fruity” thing. But a lot of Cudi’s stuff is just flat out boring as hell. It doesn’t help that his delivery is is pretty uninspired and monotone, and honestly, he’s not even a rapper, so in a way, I can see where hauuted’s comin from with the whole “rejected black guy turned white dope head” thing.


          Believe me I wasnt sticking up for Kid Cudi, I was referring to him saying Not Afraid was fruity.

  • jburg

    Ross is now on the back of milk cartons!

  • jane

    flo-ridas career is over



  • stopcrying

    Dammm nicki, in early 2010 you was the woMAN homie, da fck happen to you

  • Unemployment bucks

    Nelly it’s a wrap! Go shoot some movies, model some Sean Jean skinny jeans, fuck Ashanti etc….but get the fuck out of the rap bizness!

  • O’hell naw

    Nelly whoooooooo!

  • idlickashantsas


  • Dead President

    wow nelly’s STILL alive.?? & even selling 60K oh thats pretty good 4 a dead man. woman oh watever the fuck it is .

  • SR

    My man hauuted has got it ALL right .. the more versatile you are and the more relevant you stay..the more success you’ll have .. period.

  • Olaf Guerrero

    I think that Nicki isn’t going to outsell Kanye she’s probly going to sale anywhere between 250k-500k..
    Kanye 400k-750k. Banks 100k-200k.
    It wasn’t a surprise that Em is outselling artist that have albums that recently released.

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