Yesterday, the remix to Busta Rhymes protégé Reek Da Villian's introductory single “Mechanics” hit the ’Net with an all-star cast. Boasting such hip-hop vets as Bussa Buss, Swizz Beatz, Method Man, Cam’ron and Nelly, as well as a verse from New York newcomer Vado, it was only a matter of time before the people were arguing over who had the illest verse.

The beat, provided by Swizzy and based on a sample from Jerry Butler’s “Mechanical Man” (the same backdrop used for Meth’s 1994 classic “Bring The Pain”), provides the perfect funky backdrop for each rapper to showcase their lyrical abilities. DJ Khaled kicks things off by introducing Reek to the mic, who delivers a disrespectful verse about pulling a heist and then taking advantage of his victim’s girl. “Let your wifey come through get her gogle on/Skeet in her face then spit on her like Olajuwon.”

Not to be outdone, the Dungeon Dragon—who hails himself as the “Godfather” of the club banger on the track—brings the heat next, braggin' that “this shit’ll probably bang in the 2011 summer.”

Swizzy stepped his rap game up for verse three, listing all his expensive toys, including a 16-seat chopper, while Vado uses his verse to bring the listener back to the 'hood with tough talk straight from the streets of Harlem World.

Cam continues the Harlem reppin’, swag surfin’ all over the beat with rhymes about cocaine and girls, before passing the baton to Meth, who fills fans in on what he was doing in his absence from the booth. “Stayed a lil ugly while these kids did the dougie/My team ate lovely now I’m back a lil chubby.”

Closing out the affair is a re-energized Nelly, who showed off his impressive resume. “I’m the biggest selling rapper alive/that ain’t Caucasian, blonde hair and blue eyes.”

We’d have to check the facts for the answer to that question, but it’s on y'all to declare who had the best verse. Listen to the song and get your vote on below. —Jesse Gissen