The transition from hip-hop maestro to rap artist is a tough one, and not everyone can master it. But when it comes to getting down on the mic, some beatsmiths just have the gift of gab. With Kanye West making the successful leap from soulful in-house producer to one of the game’s most respected (and controversial) voices on the mic, XXL felt it only right to count down the best 10 producers turned rappers of all time in the October 2010 issue, which is on stands now.

Coming in at No. 9 is Swizz Beatz, who is undoubtedly one of rap’s most energetic figures. While his bars might not be everyone’s cup of tea, he definitely knows how to get the party started. Be sure to pick up the October issue to get the full write up on the One Man Band Man and how he earned his spot. But for now, here’s Swizz Beatz’s Top 5 Hypest Rhymes.

On Drag-On's “Down Bottom
“Do y'all niggas bust y'all guns? (Hell yeah, we bust our guns)/Do y'all fuck them ’til they cum? (Damn right we make them cum).”

On Cassidy’s “Drink N’ My 2 Step
“I got my drink and my two step, my drink and my two step/Got my drink and my two step, my drink and my two step/It’s on, it’s on, it’s on.”

On Swizz Beatz’s “It’s Me B*#@hes
“Chillin’ in my Beemer, listenin’ to ‘Ether’/Bumping through your speakers, know I got the heaters.”

On Swizz Beatz’s “Top Down
“Niggas is you with me, my bitches is you with me?/If you got a problem, muthafucka come and get me.”

On Jadakiss’ “Who’s Real
“He’s phony she’s fake, that’s the type of people I hate/If you’re real and you now it clap your hands.”